WSOP November Nine 2018

In a typical year, Antoine Labat and Artem Metalidi would have been household names for poker fans by now.

But due to a hasty decision by the World Series of Poker in 2017, these poker players may be doomed to a pitiful life of modest wealth and relative anonymity.

2018’s WSOP Main Event marked the second time in ten years without taking a months-long break before returning to play the final table. Members of this “November 9” would frequently use the time to receive coaching and promote themselves via interviews with media.

After tracking down their names, BonusCodePoker sat down with some members of the 2018 WSOP Main Event final table to see what life has been like since the July final table. For many, the lack of attention over the last few months has been sobering.

IT’S LIKE NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW WHO WE ARE ANYMORE,” exclaimed one seventh-place finisher in the 2018 Main Event who chose to remain anonymous.

“It seems totally unfair that I didn’t have the opportunity to receive any coaching,” said Nicolas something-er-other, who we’re pretty sure didn’t finish in the final three places.

“I was going to hire Vanessa Selbst to teach me when to 7-bet light, but instead some of these guys had a huge edge on me just because they’re better at poker. It’s totally ridiculous.”

BonusCodePoker attempted to speak with Joe Cada in July. However, the 2009 champ and one of the more well-known players from the 2018 final table was still too busy winning bracelets to comment.

Eventual winner John Cynn was also unavailable for comment due to the fact he was too busy being the lone recipient of mainstream media attention, and for some reason talking to ESPN was more appealing than sitting with us.

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