Memphis, TN – A systems analyst living outside of Memphis made headlines earlier this week when he came up with a once-in-a-lifetime concept of how to double his money.

The analyst, Collin Snurbert, recently offered a poker-playing friend the following unbelievable deal: Snurbert would give the poker player $100 and if the pro won, Snurbert would then get back $200.

Journalists are calling it the opportunity of a lifetime. Economists are both literally and figuratively re-writing the book on investing.

How the ground-breaking deal was formed

From all accounts, the story begins with Snurbert meeting the poker pro, Devon, at a mutual friend’s party.

Upon learning of Devon’s profession, Snurbert bombarded the poker pro with a litany of inquiries ranging from if he knew Dan Bilzerian to if Devon had ever played on TV.

Snurbert explained his thinking to reporters last night.

“And then it hit me, why not offer him $100? If he’s making all this money anyway, why not throw some of my money into the mix, and we can both benefit.

“Yes sir, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,” Snurbert said, placing his hands behind his head, leaning back in his chair, and propping his feet upon his desk.

“Devon said he’d think about it, but I think we both know my offer’s too good to pass up,” added Snurbert while flashing the biggest shit-eating grin you’ve ever seen.

The poker pro responds

Devon (who chose not to disclose his last name) travels the Southeastern circuit, playing anywhere from Jacksonville, Florida all the way to Durant, Oklahoma. He is a Pot Limit Omaha specialist, but still has two WSOP circuit rings in Hold ‘Em.

BCP reporters were finally able to track him down after a session at The Horseshoe Tunica to discuss his arrangement with Snurbert.

“Oh, Jesus, that guy. I don’t understand. How do they all ask the same questions? No, I’m not going to make $500 and give you $200 of it for no damn reason. No, I can’t teach you how to win in an afternoon. And no, I don’t count goddamn cards.”

Risk versus reward?

When asked about the possibility of Devon losing this hypothetical $100 investment, Snurbert seemed to be completely dumbfounded.

“Well, I suppose if he lost, he would… just have to pay me back the hundred…”

Snurbert paused a moment after these comments, apparently re-considering the situation. But his cheerful disposition soon returned.

“But that’s the thing! Devon can’t lose! He knows how to count cards!”

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