Grantville, PA – A shocking revelation was discovered last weekend at The Hollywood Casino and Racetrack outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when Harold Walters, 54, unveiled an unbelievable talent.

Hand after hand, regardless of pre-flop betting, board texture, or combinatorics, Walters was without fail able to put his opponents on Ace-King.

“It’s just something I’ve been able to do ever since I first started playing,” said the overweight father of four. “I remember the first time I ever played here. It was a 1/2 game. I raised to $6 with A-T and this kid on the button re-raised me to $25. I folded face-up and that’s when I told him.

“I said, ‘Buddy, I bet you got Ace-King.’ I think the whole table was pretty impressed.”

Walters’ legend would grow and spread as the years went on. Tales of his amazing hand-reading abilities would travel all the way from one end of the poker room to the SAME end of the poker room. He told us the following never-before-heard story:

“I remember this one time everyone limped in. Well, the flop was T-9-8 and one guy bet and another guy raised and I called with 3-3 because I figured they both had Ace-King and I could hit a set.

“Well then the one guy went all-in when the turn was another eight. And I called and told him I put him on an Ace and a King. Anyway the river was a three and I won. He mucked, but seemed pretty angry. Probably because I knew what he had.”

When asked how much he’s made playing poker, Walters said that he estimates somewhere around half a million dollars. When questioned why he was still only playing 1/2, he mentioned that he feels bad taking the money from players at higher games.

However, Walters is not without his critics. A young semi-pro who simply goes by ‘Deuce’ was not so quick to praise Walters’ apparent talents.

“Haha, yeah that guy,” opined Deuce as he smoked a cigarette near the sports book. “Uh, it’s pretty simple. Just float the flop with your entire range and min-raise the turn and he folds everything that isn’t two pair plus.”

Deuce couldn’t contain his laughter when revealing one hand.

“I once click-backed an A-A-K board and he folded A-Q face up! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. He just always puts us on A-K. It’s great.”

Walters has thought about turning pro for several years, but has never pulled the trigger because he has “made promises.”

But no one, Walters included, has any idea what that means.

His regular 1/2 games run around the clock at Hollywood Casino. The Bad Beat Jackpot there is also currently at over $670,000 and players have – wait, holy balls, really? We need to get down there.

Editor’s note: AK suited could qualify for said jackpot. Just saying.

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