Losing Poker Player About To Become Losing Sports Bettor

A notorious losing and self proclaimed "unlucky" poker player is set to become a losing sports bettor in the wake of Monday's landmark Supreme Court PAPSA ruling.

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As A Sick Level, PokerStars Hires Qui Nguyen To Represent Them In Court Against Gordon Vayo

In a shocking development, PokerStars has added 2016 WSOP Main Event winner Qui Nguyen to head their legal team to defend against a $700k Gordon Vayo lawsuit filed this week.

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Bill Perkins Wins Hair Loss Bet

After losing a high-profile prop bet with Jaime and Matt Staples, Bill Perkins finally put a notch in the W column. The genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist finally has…

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Not Fair! These Two Brothers Have Been The Same Weight For Years But Bill Perkins Hasn’t Given Them A Dime!

Bill Perkins has reportedly refused to pay two brothers inspired by Jaime and Matt Staples after they demanded to be compensated for weighing the same for 14 years.

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Several 2nd Place Finishers Come Forward With Chip-Dumping Allegations Against Mike Leah, Hashtag #IChoppedtoo Trends

In mere hours, Mike Leah's win at WPT Fallsview quickly turned from glory into a national disgrace after the poker pro was accused of "buying" a title. In the fallout, dozens of…

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Listless, Slack-Jawed T.J. Cloutier Staring Helplessly At PioSolver Software

Defying overwhelming odds, seventy-eight year old T.J. Cloutier has gone from successful old-school pro without a computer to the latest master of GTO, which he has recently…

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Losing Poker Player About To Become Losing Crypto Trader

A Lansing Michigan man who has been struggling as a professional poker player has been energized by a $11 profit trading cryptocurrencies, leading some industry observers to…

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Opponent At The Table Knew That’s What You Had

A Reno, NV poker player is shocking opponents with his remarkable ability to know what players had after the showdown. Scientists have yet to discover his secrets.

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Seat 5 Just Gonna Keep On Pretending To Understand Reverse Implied Odds

A 89 year old West Virginia poker player was recently observed pretending to comprehend reverse implied odds while two nearby whippersnappers discussed strategy at a local 1/2…

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Naked Man In Bellagio Actually Terminator Sent Back From 2049

Contrary to initial reports, a naked man recently seen at the Bellagio has been identified as a T-1200 sent back from the year 2049 to destroy a Holz/Polk/Cates alliance to save…

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