New Customer Service Number Just Says “Deal With It” And Hangs Up

In an effort to address a totally predictable increase in phone calls for the WSOP Online Series this summer, has decided to just automatically hang up on you.

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Phil Hellmuth To Dress Up As Roman Emperor For Walk From Bedroom To Computer Chair

Have no fear -- Phil Hellmuth is still set to stage a grand entrance for the 2020 WSOP Online Series this summer.

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With WSOP Postponed, Players Forced To Throw Shoes, Whip It Out At Home

More WSOP online bracelets this summer means that players will be able to throw their shoes and expose themselves safely from the comfort of their own home.

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Online Poker Renaissance Also Ushers In Shattered Keyboard Renaissance

Shattered keyboards are up 57% over the last month as poker traffic soars after poker players go online in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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CDC Adds Commerce Casino As Newest Coronavirus Quarantine Location

Citing expertise with people that lack basic hygiene skills, the Commerce Casino has been selected as one of the latest locations to quarantine coronavirus patients.

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Stones Attorney Who Claims “No Cheating” Took Place Turns Out To Be Mike Postle In A Mustache

In the latest twist of the Mike Postle cheating case, some experts are suspecting that a Stones Gambling Hall lawyer making an appearance at a hearing on Wednesday might actually…

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New High Stakes Poker Episodes To Play At Not-So-High Stakes

High Stakes Poker is back, but since the iconic live cash game show originally went off the air in 2011, um, a lot has changed.

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Mike Postle Negotiates Galfond Challenge Terms: Wants To Play Live, With Hats

Accused cheater Mike Postle is negotiating terms with Phil Galfond to participate in the Galfond Challenge. Postle's primary stipulation? Hats.

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Men The Master Turns Life Around After Being Visited By The Ghost Of Eskimo Clark On Christmas Eve

In a Christmas Eve miracle, 7-time WSOP bracelet winner Men Nguyen found himself visited by the ghost of old poker-playing friend Eskimo Clark, who helped "The Master" learn a few…

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Bored Poker Community Kinda Wishing Mike Postle Would Start Cheating Again

With the Mike Postle and Stones Live cheating scandal calming down in recent days, some bored members of the poker community kind of sort of wish Postle would start cheating again…

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