Online poker pro James Hopkins made headlines in poker media this week, for all the wrong reasons: he’s being sued by his backers for the sum of $400,000.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, “backing” is when someone gives money to a poker pro to lose at the poker table.

Hopkins is being accused of failing to repay loans, fees, and interest on a series of 12 loans.

We reached out to Las Vegas-based poker backer Donnie Cutthroat, often described by his friends as “not really a friend,” for his opinion on the situation:

“You can do that? Honestly, this is a revelation for everyone who has ever given money to a poker player. If the player loses, you just sue! My god, the money I have lost over the years dealing with bad runs of luck is insane. See – where I really f*cked up was calling my money an ‘investment‘ as opposed to a ‘loan.’ That’s where they get ya.”

We also asked about the fees Hopkins’ backers were charging him:

“These mother#^@%*&s were charging fees and interest?! Why have I been taking losses all these years – I should have just run my stable like a payday loans center and sued the players when they lost all this time.”

Hopkins’ planned defense is interesting: the poker pro will claim that he’s a problem gambler and has ADHD, and furthermore that his backers knew this and continued to take advantage of him anyway. By extension, he will argue, he shouldn’t be liable for the debt.

We asked poker pro Chino Rheem for his opinion on Hopkins’ planned defense:

“It is totally fair that he doesn’t owe the money. I mean, why should he owe? The guy has a gambling problem, that’s a good reason to not owe. Or, uh, if the reason that he doesn’t owe is that he has ABHD, that’s a good reason too. Have I mentioned I have a gambling problem and also ABHD?”

We chose to ignore his misspelling of ADHD.

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