ipops micro seriesStarting on March 28, Bet365 Poker is running an extensive tournament series where players can turn extremely small buy-ins into very large prizes.

The iPOPS Micro IV runs from March 28 through April 3, and there are 21 events across the series as a whole. Buy-ins range from €0.20 to €20, making it very affordable for players to participate in as many events as they have time for.

What’s most impressive about the iPOPS Micro IV isn’t the tiny buy-ins – it’s the massive guaranteed prize pools. The tiny €0.20 buy-ins sport a €500 guaranteed prize pool, and for a more meaningful €20 buy-in you can win a share of a guaranteed €50,000 prize pool. Between all of the events, Bet365 is guaranteeing an impressive €100,000 in prizes.

If you prefer keeping your online poker to the micro-stakes, you can participate in satellites and win your way into the larger events.

The complete iPOPS Micro IV schedule is as follows:

DateStart Time (GMT)EventBuy-in
28th March18:30iPOPS-1M €500 Gtd€0.20
28th March19:00iPOPS-2M €1,000 Gtd€1
28th March19:30iPOPS-3M €2,000 Gtd€2
29th March18:30iPOPS-4M €2,000 Gtd€5
29th March19:00iPOPS-5M €1,000 Gtd€1
29th March19:30iPOPS-6M €500 Gtd€0.20
30th March18:30iPOPS-7M €500 Gtd€0.50
30th March19:00iPOPS-8M €1,000 Gtd€2
30th March19:30iPOPS-9M €2,000 Gtd€5
31st March18:30iPOPS-10M €3,000 Gtd€2
31st March19:00iPOPS-11M €2,000 Gtd€5
31st March19:30iPOPS-12M €500 Gtd€0.20
1st April18:30iPOPS-13M €10,000 Gtd€10
1st April19:00iPOPS-14M €5,000 Gtd€3
1st April19:30iPOPS-15M €1,000 Gtd€0.50
2nd April18:30iPOPS-16M €5,000 Gtd€3
2nd April19:00iPOPS-17M €2,000 Gtd€1
2nd April19:30iPOPS-18M €1,000 Gtd€0.50
3rd April18:30iPOPS-M €50,000 Main Event€20
3rd April19:00iPOPS-20M €5,000 Gtd€1
3rd April19:30iPOPS-21M €5,000 Gtd€5

In addition to the above listed schedule, a €100 prize pool free-to-enter event will be held daily at 20:30 GMT on each iPOPS Micro IV tournament day. Although they’re free to enter, these tournaments have rebuys available for the first hour of play which cost €0.05, as well as a €0.05 add-on at the end of the re-entry period.

Good luck in the events – this is a great way to potentially build your bankroll while risking very little.

Have you tried Six Plus Hold’em yet?

Six Plus Hold’em at Bet365 Poker is one of the most interesting poker variants we’ve seen in years. The game plays like standard Texas Hold’em but with several key differences:

  • The game is played with a stripped-down deck of only 36 cards. All deuces through fives are removed (hence the title of the game).
  • A flush now beats a full house.
  • A three-of-a-kind now beats a straight.

What does that mean in terms of strategy? Well, quite a lot of things. We spent a bit of time analyzing the game and came up with some interesting Six Plus Hold’em strategy you can use as a starting place.