Bell Gardens, CA – Talk about a bad beat!

After Monday’s raid of the Bicycle Casino, local drug kingpin Julio Jackson is gonna have to put his work boots on and launder money just like the rest of us do – out in the real world.

On Monday morning, authorities from 6 different federal agencies shut down the Bicycle Casino and Hotel on suspicion of criminal fraud and money laundering. And they didn’t even so much as give Julio a phone call first.

“To just spring this on me and my co-workers without so much as a 48-hour notice is really unacceptable. I mean, what’s the point of having a mole in the California Department of Justice if this sort of thing can happen.”

Julio Jackson’s casino career

Jackson has been a local player in the city’s burgeoning drug trade since the early 2000s. And his has been the top-selling drug ring in East LA scene since June of 2011. Jackson credits his upbringing and work ethic for his business’s success.

“I was just taught at an early age how to hustle. How to make a dollar. And how to go to the casino and trade that dollar in for a better dollar that can’t be traced.”

Jackson says he tries to lead by example, which was how he rose through the ranks so quickly to become the industry leader he is now.

“Sure, I miss the old days. Those turf wars were some of the best times of my life, “Jackson recalled warmly. But his smile faded as he talked about the tough road ahead for him and his family.

“It’s just really disappointing. I’ve been coming [to the Bike] for years now to redistribute funds to all the sub-leaders of my organization. We would trade mostly at high stakes poker, but we were just starting to branch out into Pai Gow and Blackjack.”

The hidden cost of The Bike’s shutdown

Jackson appeared to get choked up when mentioning the strain this will put on his family.

“What’s worse is my family just relocated to this area. My wife loves our neighbors. And my daughter is making friends at school. I’ve worked hard for this! I’ve put in the hours. I’ve put in the time, ya know? It’s just not right.”

Wiping away tears, Jackson says he’s planning to open a string of nail salons and car washes to launder his drug money instead. He considered switching casinos, but he knows that might mean re-locating his family again.

“I mean, where are we supposed to go!? Commerce? I’m not going to that area of town. I have my own safety to think of.”

Jackson was too emotional to continue speaking to reporters. Visibly upset, he got into the passenger side of his black escalade and ordered hits on three of his newest competitors.

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