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As many of you know, COVID-19 is impacting the world in unexpected ways.

During this chaotic and sometimes frightening time, it’s important to plan for what you’ll do if you or a loved one become ill, and to ask the important questions like “what is that weird poker comedy site I see on Twitter every so often doing to combat coronavirus?”

We know you’ve come to trust us as your source for poker memes and parody articles, so we wanted to let you know what we’re doing to preserve our integrity and the safety of our employees.

  1. We will cease all in-person interviews with the subjects of our articles. In fairness, we basically just make up those quotes anyway (do you think Daniel Negreanu or Phil Galfond would actually talk to us?), so this isn’t really a change at all. We want to be absolutely clear: despite being a business that you have had limited interactions with and don’t particularly care about hearing from right now, we think it’s extremely important that you know we are taking this all very seriously.
  2. Our staff will work from home. This… has always been the case as we don’t have an office. But we can confirm, with certainty, that we will not open an office during this outbreak. Pinky promise… er… but without actually touching, because that would be unwise.
  3. We will be prepared to relentlessly mock the WSOP this summer, whether or not it runs.

With all of the poker rooms that normally provide us with content fodder closed, we look forward to bringing you the next few weeks of content on the Galfond Challenge… and we assume other things will happen? Anyone? Is anything else happening in poker right now? Is this thing on?

Stay safe and wash your damn hands.

-The Team

Editors Note: Read here to learn about how you can actually help victims of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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