Las Vegas, NV – With the start of the World Series of Poker’s online schedule, we’ve been conducting interviews with people who are heavily associated with the series, including Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth (who informed us he will be dressing up as a Roman Emperor for the walk from his bedroom to his computer chair).

We recently spoke to an executive at Caesars, the casino chain that owns and runs the WSOP, to ask where their mind has been recently:

“Well if I’m totally honest with you, we aren’t doing great. The online events are fine… but the real money we make from the WSOP each year comes from the Rio’s pit. Did you know that when a player wins a bracelet, they will on average spend 87% of their winnings that night playing craps or video poker? Winning poker players losing most of their profits back to us is a proud tradition, and one we look forward to supporting again in the future. In a normal year, we celebrate when somebody like Chino Rheem cashes big… but this year, my children may go hungry if he instead spends his profits to pay off his debts, or worse – to buy things for his loved ones.”

We expected Chino might have a difference of opinion, but he believes players are aligned with the casino’s interests:

“Oh yeah, those Caesars guys are right. They’re so nice, too – always giving me free food and drinks to hang out… unlike my f*cking backers who will never stop hounding me. I love those suits… wish I could be spending time with them at the Rio right now. See what they DON’T know is I’ve got this system…”

Before allowing the Caesars exec to get back to lobbying Nevada legislators to legalize online craps, we were curious what other revenue streams the WSOP might be missing.

“The profits from the Poker Kitchen would be nice too… I think very few customers realize that all of the pre-stocked food items like sandwiches are actually leftovers from other restaurants we own. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of them and nobody’s ever noticed; food cost is practically nothing, so profit margins are damn near 100%. As long as we turn a blind eye to customers playing Chinese Poker in the dining room, they’re more than happy to pay $22 for a week-old turkey club. Ha, I probably shouldn’t have said that, but I am a bit drunk. Working from home does have its perks, I guess.”

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