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February 4, 2013

Chill: Watching Online Poker Probably Still Legal in US (WTFT)

Nope, legalMost online poker players in the U.S. probably don’t worry enough about the legality of online poker.

It is safe to say that the author of this thread – titled “I don’t want the FBI showing up at my door” – on TwoPlusTwo is an exception to that rule. Excerpt:

I’m a USA player. Okay, so I was beyond bored the other day. So i decided to download poker stars and play some funny money zoom.

Anyways, when the Stars lobby pulled up, I noticed it had the real money poker tables. I immediately thought wtf, how am I able to rail real money games on poker stars? […] My first thought was to close the program and uninstall it. Which i did, of course after looking at the Sunday million line up left. To realize BIGDOGPCKT5’S however you spell it, was doing quit well with two tables left. As bad as I wanted to rail my favorite tournament in online poker, I did not want Pokerstars to find a real money program installed under my IP address in America . So i closed the program and uninstalled it.

So, the question is, can Americans still rail real money Pokerstars tourneys? […] As of right now the program is uninstalled, does any American have it installed? I’m not trying to get some government conspiracy call just because i wanted to rail a couple buddies.

Tell you one thing, I’m not going to jail just to rail BIGDOGPCKT5’S however you spell it.

Article credit: Staff