Table at 2015 WSOPA California-based couple who prefers we don’t print their real names (hereinafter referred to as John and Jane) lost their life savings and home playing DFS contests in 2015, but remains comforted by the fact that they weren’t gambling.

John and Jane’s relationship began when they met at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting in 2009. They first learned about DFS via advertising in 2012.

According to John, “When we first learned about DFS, we dismissed it as a gambling product. But when the commercials assured us we were wrong, we decided to give it a chance.”

Jane continued, “We used to be such big sports fans, but the games have felt dull and less exciting since we stopped betting on them. DFS gave us that added excitement back in a way our Gamblers Anonymous sponsors would be okay with.”

John and Jane majored in math in college and spent tremendous amounts of time creating models to optimally choose lineups. We asked John why he believes he and his wife still weren’t able to succeed.

“I think the biggest thing is that we just weren’t skilled enough. We got unskilled in a few key spots which would have been worth some nice payouts. It’s all those idiots who pick teams randomly who have all the skill.”

Although John and Jane have recently moved in with John’s parents, they aren’t letting the experience get them down.

“At least we still have our 5-year medallions.”