Doyle Brunson documentary

Doyle Brunson has confirmed that a documentary is being made about his life. And if that fact wasn’t enough to get you psyched, it is being made by the same group that created the highly acclaimed Last Dance Netflix documentary on Michael Jordan.

John Heir, the director of the Last Dance was a handful of ESPN 30/30 documentaries, is likely to be involved but is not yet confirmed.

Few details are known at this time, including how long the documentary will be, the Doyle Brunson documentary release date or the platform. However, Brunson did give away a few hints that production has been ongoing for the last month and will take “a lot longer” to finish. The news came from Texas Dolly himself via a Tweet in response to an ongoing debate on the Mount Rushmore of poker.

A long history of material

Reaction to the news has been positive given that Doyle Brunson is among the most beloved poker players of all time and has remained a constant throughout poker’s modern era with a very compelling story to tell. Originally an NBA prospect, Brunson’s attention quickly turned to poker after a career-ending knee injury.

Brunson first played in the underground Texas games before moving to Las Vegas where he helped usher in the World Series of Poker, where he has also won ten gold bracelets and two WSOP Main Event titles. He also authored Super/System, which is widely seen as one of the best — or at least most groundbreaking — poker books of all time. Since the explosion of online poker and poker in general in the 2000’s, Brunson continued to win tournaments, remain a force in the high stakes cash games and become the ultimate elder statesman of poker.

Each one of these topics could be a documentary in itself given Doyle Brunson’s storied history and one that the poker world is eager to hear in more depth.

Poker community weighs in

Phil Hellmuth, Mike McDonald and Run It Once are among those weighing to the news that a Brunson documentary is on the way.

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