Jacksonville, FL – Breaking news today in north Florida. A local $1/$2 player named Kevin Lachney, 68, has been providing absolutely amazing commentary for every hand that he and his fellow players see at the table.

Namely, after every flop, river, or showdown, Lachney shakes his head, chuckles, and proclaims the hand “unbelievable!

It looks like we may have a future color commentator on our hands, ladies and gentlemen.

One such unbelievable hand

During one particularly memorable hand, after six players limped in, the flop presented (get ready) three spades.

Yes, you read that correctly. Three of the same suit – and all right there on the flop!

Unbelievable!” was all Lachney could exclaim as several people missed the chance to whip out their flip-phones and snap a picture with this once-in-a-lifetime flop.

Lachney’s commentary career

Lachney would continue to note how many hands were unbelievable throughout the night, especially during bad beats.

BonusCodePoker was fortunate enough to catch up with Lachney during a break in the night’s action.

“I remember this one hand some guy moved all-in for 8 blinds with two sevens and was called by ace-jack. And wouldn’t you know it, an ace came on the river. What a suck-out! Unbelievable.”

When asked what he thought of Lachney’s constant and incessant observations and remarks, a local pro had this to say:

Kill me.”

TV poker beckons?

Lachney’s commentary abilities have even reached the ears of multiple television executives.

Several major networks were hotly debating who would sign Lachney, but then they all suddenly remembered that no one watches poker on TV anymore.