Ivey Poker Murder MysteryLAS VEGAS — Thanks to an anonymous source inside the company, BCPoker can reveal that IveyPoker.com – purportedly a poker training and social poker app – is in reality a highly elaborate murder mystery dinner theater production.

According to our source, IveyPoker guests will participate in the story of a mysterious poker tournament held in a grand but secluded hotel.

Within minutes of the players arriving, the host – none other than Phil Ivey himself – is found murdered at the featured table.

Inside the mystery

Our source shared advanced planning documents for the IveyPoker Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Experience. The cliffs:

  • After Ivey’s body is discovered, the room goes pitch-black!
  • When light returns, Ivey’s body has mysteriously vanished (he has actually slipped offstage to catch a plane to Macau and will not return for the remainder of the show).
  • From then on, guests will try to solve the mystery of Ivey’s murder. It could be a famous IveyPoker pro – like Patrik Antonius, Greg Merson or Jennifer Harman. Or it could be someone the audience has never heard of before – like basically the rest of the IveyPoker roster.
  • Along the way, guests will enjoy 3 courses of Vegas-buffet caliber food accompanied by complimentary water and coffee (other beverages extra).
  • Finally, some poker training will somehow still be included, apparently. That part is still a little unclear. I guess it’s like … an app or something?

Kessler (Twitter pic)Kessler missing link

The recent signing of Allen Kessler apparently filled the last major hole in the IveyPoker production roster.

“The show needed an MC, a detective to lead the investigation,” our source inside IveyPoker said.

“And we were already way over budget. Allen tested well with old people, but – more importantly – he was willing to work just for the meal comp.”

The IveyPoker Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Experience website is scheduled to launch in late 2013. Actual dinner theater events aren’t slated to start until 2015 at the earliest.