Norman Chad Phil Hellmuth entrance

Phil Hellmuth Almost Made His WSOP Grand Entrance As Normal Chad… And 3 Other Rejected Ideas

Before settling on Gandalf the White, Phil Hellmulth almost made his 2021 WSOP Main Event grand entrance as Norman Chad.

Rio Casino Interview

The Rio, Fearing Being Burnt Down, Pacifies Phil Hellmuth With A Bracelet Once Again

Phil Hellmuth's historic 16th WSOP bracelet less than a week after his infamous rant was no accident, says the Rio in an…

Phil Hellmuth WSOP Rant

Phil Hellmuth “Apologizes” For Inappropriate Rant… Before Getting Revenge

Phil Hellmuth's apology apparently did not close the door on "burn-this-place-down-gate."

538 Nate Silver loses WSOP bracelet

FiveThirtyEight Followers Erupt Over Nate Silver Losing Guaranteed Bracelet With 2:1 Chip Lead

538 critics are asking how it's possible that Nate Silver could have a 2:1 chip lead at the WSOP Limit Hold'em Championship…

WSOP Dealers Hired

Casino Employees Event Now Open To Anyone, But Be Prepared To Deal

World Series of Poker officials have announced an ingenious idea to address the ongoing WSOP dealer shortage.

WSOP, Play Poker Like the Pros

“I’m Going To Win Two Bracelets This Year” Says Man Who Just Finished Phil Hellmuth’s “Play Poker Like The Pros”

This player just read "Play Poker Like The Pros." Next step: World Series of Poker glory.

15 Poker Players Die Of Hypothermia While Playing At Rio

In what officials are calling the worst tragedy to hit Las Vegas since the Epic Poker Tour, over a dozen poker players froze…

WSOP 2021 Vaccinations

WSOP To Allow Unvaccinated Players To Come Pay Rake Then Leave

Good news: the WSOP has a solution for unvaccinated players to participate in the 2021 WSOP -- pay the rake, then leave.

Bobuonic Plague Vs Legionnaires' Disease

WSOP Players Excited to Trade Legionnaires’ Disease For The Bubonic Plague

After a new venue for the 2022 WSOP was unofficially confirmed, players weigh which serious disease they like best.

New TwoPlusTwo Owners

New TwoPlusTwo Owner Hand2Note Begins Work On Other Ways To Remove Fun From Poker

Plans include a book titled "How to Piss Off Opponents Even When Not in a Hand" with contributions from Men Nguyen, Mike…

WSOP Online Bracelet 2021

Debate On If Online Bracelets Should Count Settled By No One Noticing Six Already Given Out

If six WSOP Online bracelets have been awarded so far and nobody noticed, do they actually really count anyway?

vanessa kade acr

Definitely Not Sexist Poker Fans Suggest Vanessa Kade Drop Sponsorship Over Phil Nagy’s Comments

After ACR CEO Phil Nagy made sexual harassment comments, definitely-not-sexist poker players determine the best course of…