wsop watch ratings

World Series Of Poker Broadcast Ranks #1 Among Males Age 18-39 Who Were Also Players At The Final Table

The 2020 WSOP Main Event coverage crushed the Neilsen ratings on Sunday night with almost all who made the final table…

Goodnight Full Tilt

In poker’s prime, in an online pro’s room. There was a laptop, in the days before Zoom. And a picture of Tom Dwan jumping…

PokerBros Account

Man Who Quit Job To Become PokerBros Agent Beginning To Think It Was The Dumbest Thing A Person’s Ever Done

Local man who quit a lucrative and stable job to become a Poker Bros agent is now questioning his decision.

Chris Moneymaker ACR

Chris Moneymaker ACR Contract Worth 20,000 Cheeseburgers, Two Used Napkins, And An Expired Visa Gift Card

We have the exclusive details of Chris Moneymaker's landmark deal with ACR and it's everything you thought it would be.

Polk Negreanu Groundhog Day

Doug Polk Sees His Shadow, Forecasts Six More Weeks Of Challenge

Thought Negreanu vs Polk was over? Not so fast, thanks to an unexpected visit from Polk's shadow on Tuesday.

Daniel Negreanu Doug Polk Demands

Daniel Negreanu Takes $700K Loss Better Than Doug Polk Takes $700K Win

In the wake of the controversy surrounding Negreanu's Wednesday "tanking" session, Polk will demand that Negreanu start to…

God Informs Sheldon Adelson That Admission To Heaven Would Violate Wire Act

After Adelson's untimely passing and subsequent Heaven rejection comes word that Adelson has a plan for a grand new Heaven.

2021 Poker New Year's Resolutions

Top 6 Poker New Year’s Resolutions For 2021

"Complain about owning too much and too little Bitcoin" and 5 other top resolutions from poker players for 2021.

Top 10 Holiday Gifts For Poker Pros In 2020

Poker players don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy a pregnancy pillow - they’re shaped perfectly for long nights of crying in…

Mike Matusow voting

Mike Matusow Swears That If You Give Him Just 50 Hall of Fame Votes, He’ll Give You Back 150 Votes In Two Years

If you help Mike Matusow out with some Poker Hall of Fame votes this year, he will pay you back with triple the votes in two…

Poker Hall of Fame

WSOP Nominations Reflect Typical Poker Room Makeup: No Women, 30% Have Faced Felony Charges

No women and 30% with criminal records - the WSOP delivers on its promise to make 2020 Poker Hall of Fame nominees more…

mike postle lawyer

The Top 10 Reasons The Attorney For Mike Postle Wanted To Quit

"Lowe has been compelled to file motions seeking to change the hearing venue to the Stones Livestream room."