LAS VEGAS, NV – Amid reports of tightening state and federal budgets, the International Fancy Play Syndrome Foundation announced today that it will debut an annual telethon to raise money and awareness about the affliction.

What is Fancy Play Syndrome?

This common affliction leads many poker players to mistakenly choose complicated approaches to play each hand against unsophisticated opponents, and usually results in the skilled player being called down by “some idiot” who “just had top pair.”

“We hope that we can find some relief for people suffering from this condition,” said Andy Harris, president of the IFPSF.

“Too many players out there just don’t understand what good poker is when they see it, and they just have to call, even if our members triple-barreled in the right spot.”

The disastrous effects of FPS

The disease, which is said to affect thousands of players each year, is estimated to cause losses into the tens of billions, though this figure is anecdotal.

Harris says that “many people simply don’t realize the damage they’re doing when they make that call, and how stupid they were to make it.”

The group’s hope is to create a comprehensive educational program for new players to the game, so that they can recognize when they should fold the best hand and not exacerbate the conditions of members.

Poker community rallies behind the cause

There is no firm date for the event as of this writing.

Featured speakers are likely to include Phil Hellmuth, Mike Matusow, and Shawn Sheikhan – all charter members of the group. However, when reached for comment, Mr. Hellmuth voiced his approval.

“Great! Maybe these morons will finally learn to fold pocket tens when I put in a raise. It’s like I’m playing a different game than they are.”

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