2020 WSOP Main Event structure

On the heels of its stunning announcement that the 2020 WSOP Main Event will indeed take place, WSOP officials have revealed the existence of a new promotion for this year’s big tournament.

Anyone who enters the Main Event and can successfully explain the new format of the tournament will be granted a bye into Day 2.

Those who choose to take advantage of this promotion can relax while the various Day 1s, both at home and abroad (and maybe elsewhere, but we don’t get the rules entirely), move forward and eliminate a large swath of entrants. The knowledgeable player can begin Day 2 with an average chip stack and the comfort of understanding the tournament better than almost anyone – including WSOP staff.

In fact, our sources tell us that WSOP top brass came up with the promo after less than 5% of the WSOP employees were able to intelligibly describe how the tournament will proceed. One poor floorman suffered some kind of emotional breakdown and began tearing off pieces of his suit while screaming “And then the tournaments COMBINE!”

You heard it here first

Of course, we here at BCP are professional gambling analysts.

So, of course, we understand that, the simple truth is that, see, this year’s Main Event is actually TWO events, but it’s one event for the prize, but there are several prizes for both events, or maybe not, because it’s one event, and then there’s an extra $1 million, and someone from overseas will play someone here, and there might be a chip disparity, but then again, it might be worth it to fly to the Czech Republic, but only if the Vegas event will be larger than the Czech event, which it probably will be, but you never know, especially during the pandemic, and that’s another thing that nobody’s mentioned – how all the travel will work with two tournaments turning into a heads-up match and is it English only at the table in Europe and if not what happens if the International winner doesn’t speak English and WSOP has to tell him that he’s starting out at a major chip disadvantage, or are they arbitrarily starting both winners with the same count?

Like we said, the truth is quite simple. You’re not dealing with morons here.

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