New action poker game

LAS VEGAS – In response to the recent success of short-deck poker, poker players at the Bellagio have begun playing a variant of poker they call “Action Poker.” The idea behind the game is to nullify any remaining skill involved and gamble recklessly.

Action Poker play proceeds, at least initially, as a standard hold’em game. Action Poker uses an “extra-short” deck of cards, meaning that all cards from deuce to eight are removed.

Play proceeds normally pre-flop. After the flop, players must pass their hands to players two seats to their left. Then, there’s a round of betting.

On the turn, the dealer flips a coin for every player still in the pot. Those that correctly call the flip may stay in, but those who do not have their hands declared dead. Any remaining players then have a round of betting.

On the river, each player must expose one card from their hand. Then, there’s a round of betting and showdown.

Whoever wins must then play a double or nothing coin flip with the dealer.

Action Poker both excites and baffles top pros

So far, the game has received mixed reviews from top players. A game ran in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio for a couple of hours before several pros literally left screaming.

“It doesn’t work!” yelled Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu had apparently chased everyone out of a $400,000 pot, only to lose the double or nothing coin flip at the end.

Some pros expressed excitement, however. Phil Ivey said that it was just a matter of figuring out the mathematics.

Tom Dwan seemed nonplussed, calling the game “nothing new” and “standard.”

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