In poker’s prime, in an online pro’s room

There was a laptop, in the days before Zoom

And a picture of Tom Dwan jumping over the moon

And there was Full Tilt – to learn, chat and play

With the pros, most outcasts and broke by today

And there was Gus Hansen’s book by a framed Black Card

And a life’s savings burnt under watch by Bitar

And a crumpled up plan for moving up stakes

And a bottle for days before synchronized breaks

Goodnight t-shirt, proof I knocked out a pro

Goodnight FTOPs jerseys, silver and gold

Goodnight avatars, the shark and the rock

Goodnight to straw hats atop Andy Bloch

Goodnight to nosebleeds, and to “RIP Doyle”

Goodnight to bad beats that make your blood boil

Goodnight Howard Lederer, now villain – once star

Goodnight to Ferguson, Furst and Bitar

Goodnight to heroes like Galfond and Durrrr

Goodnight to Isildur, gone with a blur

Goodnight to learn, chat, and play with the pros

Goodnight easy income for regular Joes

Goodnight to the site that was cooler than Fonzie

Goodnight to Full Tilt, the poker world’s Ponzi

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