DUBLIN — Full Tilt’s team of Professionals just got lighter by one.

That’s after Full Tilt Poker announced via Twitter that Gus Hansen has been stripped of his status and is now restricted to playing at FTP’s special New to the Game Tables:


While no official reason for the decision was provided, many believe that the change is a reaction to Hansen’s increasingly large losses at Full Tilt Poker’s high-stakes tables.

According to tracking site HighStakesDB.com, Hansen is down over $8mm lifetime at FTP.

Hansen's high stakes losses

Full Tilt’s New to the Game Tables are restricted games designed to provide less-experienced players with a less-intimidating experience.

As described on the Full Tilt Poker website:

“Full Tilt Poker’s New to the Game tables provide players with an easier way to experience different game types and enhance their poker skills.

Play proceeds at a slower pace than at standard tables, with tooltips available to offer information on key aspects of the game and options at the table. In addition, your current hand strength is always displayed, giving you an easy way to see how your hand is developing.”

Players are supposed to be limited to a maximum of 2,000 hands at New to the Game Tables before they graduate to games in the main lobby.

But Full Tilt sources who wished to remain anonymous told BCPoker that Hansen will be allowed to “stay there as long as long as he needs to.”

“Which,” our source continued, “could be days, or months. Or years. Yeah, years seems like the best thing.”

Below: Full Tilt hastily updated their website to reflect Hansen’s demotion from “Professional” status.

FTP Pros

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