How to play more tables at a time is a popular topic among online poker players. Online poker gives players the unique opportunity to play more than one table at a time, letting them play even more hands and win more money. By increasing the number of tables that a player plays they are able to decrease variance and increase their hourly profit. While playing more tables may seem difficult at first it can be quite easy to learn!

First, slowly increase the number of tables you play at one time. Not even the top professional players started playing 20 tables at a time, they started playing one or two tables at a time mastering the fundamentals of the game and learning to play multiple tables. When you decide it time to add more tables add just one more table to your normal number and see how it affects your play at the tables for that session. At the end review your play and evaluate how you feel, don’t only look at results! Even if you lost money playing well is much more important. Playing more tables will allow you to iron out variance. If you think that you played well for the session and did not run out of time to play your hands you are probably ready to keep playing the increased number of tables. Try adding one additional table every week and eventually you will feel comfortable playing more tables at once. Be careful not to add too many tables. Playing too many tables at once will cause you to go on autopilot, not think about your hand and even time out from the hand!

Second, try dropping down in stakes when learning to play more tables. Playing poker on lots of tables at once can be nerve racking, especially at the mid to high stakes. When you decide to play more tables try dropping down to the micro stakes to evaluate your play and test your abilities. While playing 20 tables of 200nl can be quite scary playing 20 tables at 5nl is not nearly as hard and will give you a good judge of your multi tabling abilities without having to risk hundreds of dollars if something goes wrong.

Third, be sure to utilize every piece of poker software available on the internet. Powerful heads up displays and database programs like Holdem Manager and PokerTracker can show you important stats on your opponents directly on the poker table. Knowing your opponents tendencies simply by looking at number overlaid on the poker table will help you quickly make important decisions in the hand without having to think back and remember every hand you have ever played against an opponent. Other software programs are available that allow you to bind actions like calling, raising and folding to keys on your mouse, keyboard or even gaming controller. Programs like these will allow you to rapidly cycle through all of your tables making quick decisions and will save you from painful wrist injuries down the road.

Learning how to play more tables is an important step in becoming a better player. By taking your time adding more tables, dropping down in stakes and using tracking software you will be able to add more tables and win more money playing online. While it may seem difficult at first with a little practice you will be able to maximize you profits and keep variance to a minimum.