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HOUSTON – Not all bad calls are created equal. So says Hal Overton, 56, about recent discrepancies between his actual play and his incessant whining about other players.

“That’s different,” said Overton, in a press conference. “I make calls based upon several dimensions and take a multifaceted approach. Calling a three-bet with King-Ten offsuit is different when I do it versus when those morons at the table do it.”

Overton’s public statement came as he faced criticism for some of his recent tournament play. On the heels of criticizing a player calling his raise with suited connectors, Overton three-bet shoved with Jack-Eight offsuit.

His opponent, who had him covered, called with pocket tens. However, Overton managed to spike a Jack on the turn.

Overton defends actions

When confronted about his mixed messaging, Overton claimed his greater skill and intellect permitted him to widen his range. Besides, he says that he was “due” for the Jack to hit the board.

Overton is infamous in the burgeoning Houston poker club scene for his duality. Many regulars at his normal club regard him as a mercurial and complex player.

“Hal’s a trip,” said one player, who wished to remain anonymous. “He’ll erupt if someone hits a straight with seven-six suited. That person can count on Hal making snide comments under his breath about it for fifteen minutes afterward.”

On the other hand, the player said, Overton is never quieter than when he’s dragging the most unlikely of pots.

“He somehow manages to affect a smug, entitled attitude about pots he wins with two and three-outers,” the player said. “It’s amazing – he somehow acts as though his strategy played a role when he hits a runner-runner flush or something.”

Overton brushed off the player’s comments.

“These guys don’t realize the level I’m on,” he said. “When they call, they’re idiots. When I call, it’s expertise – pure and simple.”

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