Poker pro and online personality Joey Ingram has announced that he is leading an investigation into Phil Ivey, citing Ivey’s unusual success as reason enough to investigate.

We spoke to Ingram to ask why he is using his platform to amplify the idea that Ivey might be a cheat:

BonusCodePoker: So what sparked this investigation?

Joey Ingram: I was sent some videos of him winning hands. And like… in every video it just seemed like he kept on winning. Like, EVERY video.

BonusCodePoker: How can you be sure that he isn’t just using a strategy you don’t understand? Are you accounting for the fact that you’ve been sent these specific hands only?

Joey Ingram: I’m glad you asked. You see, I’m friends with this guy you may have heard of once or twice… his name is Doug Polk. Yes, THE Doug Polk. So you might say I know a thing or two about poker.

BonusCodePoker: But what if you just don’t know this specific thing or tw…

Joey Ingram: D-O-U-G P-O…

BonusCodePoker: Right, gotcha. So you’re sure he’s cheating and that’s why you’re spreading this.

Joey Ingram: Yep.

BonusCodePoker: So how’s he doing it?

Joey Ingram: idk lolz.