Sky Poker has just introduced its new loyalty scheme, called Sky Poker Rewards. Beginning May 1, 2013, Sky Poker Rewards replaces the site’s former Cash for Points program, promising players even bigger cash rewards for their play at Sky Poker’s real money games. Note that players already enrolled in Sky Poker’s old Cash for Points program are automatically enrolled in the site’s new Sky Poker Rewards program. Player’s April 2013 Cash for Points payments will be made as normal on May 7.

In the Sky Poker Rewards scheme, players earn Poker Points at all real money games at the site, including sit & go tourneys, MTTs (multi-table tourneys) and all cash games.

To join the Sky Poker Rewards scheme, click the red Enter Code REWARDS button on the Sky Poker Rewards promotion page on the Sky Poker site. This will take you to the Free Bets page of your My Account. There, you simply enter in the code REWARDS and from then on you’ll be automatically opted in to the Sky Poker Rewards program each month.

The Rewards scheme awards players cash at the end of each month for the poker points they earn that month. Then the program resets at the start of every month, zeroing out the player’s points score and starting the process all over again.

For 100 – 2999 points earned in a single calendar month, earn 1.0p for each poker point. For 3000 – 4999 points earned in a single calendar month, earn 1.5p for each poker point. And for 5000 to 9999 points earned in a single calendar month, earn 2.0p for each poker point.

Still remaining active as Sky Poker moves forward with its new Sky Poker Rewards scheme is the Sky Poker Priority Club. For 10000 – 19999 points earned in a single calendar month, earn a 20% rakeback on all gameplay that month at the site. For 20000 – 29999 points earned in a single calendar month, earn a 25% rakeback on all gameplay at the site. For 30000 points and more, earn a 30% rakeback on all gameplay at the site. Plus players meeting any of these Priority Club conditions will receive all Priority Club membership benefits that month as well, including exclusive tournaments and promotions, and fast tracked payment on all the player’s Sky Poker Rewards.

New players at Sky Poker automatically earn 500 poker points just for signing up. Players then earn additional poker points whenever they play at Sky Poker’s sit and go tournaments, multi-table tournaments or cash game tables of any stakes and game structures or types.

The site uses a system known as weighted contribution to determine how many points a player earns. This fairly distributes poker points according to how invested a player becomes in any given hand. The more a player contributes to the pot (and therefore to the rake that the house takes from the pot) the more points the player earns. The value of the weighted contribution system is that it rewards and encourages action in the pot while not punishing the more conservative players who’d prefer to hold back.

The current weighted contribution rate at Sky Poker is for every £1 a player contributes to the rake, the player earns 6 points. Players can then boost their points earnings and earn points at an elevated rate through Early Bird, Happy Hour and other similar promotions.

Keep coming back here to to keep abreast of all the rewarding opportunities at Sky Poker, including, tomorrow, all the details on the upcoming Grand National Freeroll the site is holding in honor of this weekend’s Grand National.