irs wsopThe Internal Revenue Service was said to be “delighted” after becoming the biggest winner at the World Series of Poker for the 57th event in a row, maintaining a 46-year streak.

Once again, the IRS has managed to profit immensely from the WSOP despite never actually playing a hand. The taxman has collected prizes totalling greater than first place in dozens of events so far this year.

Prop bet regrets

The Drug Enforcement Agency had bet the IRS an undisclosed sum at 420:1, wagering that the taxman would not profit from 60 or more final tables at the 2016 WSOP.

“We got really drunk with the NSA and made a bad, dumb bet,” the DEA said. “We asked the IRS to cancel and then offered to buy out for 5lbs of meth.”

“We’re not calling the IRS evil, we just expected them to be more compassionate given the nature of the situation.”

The WSOP has since announced plans for the US poker community to simply hand their buy-ins straight to the tax collector before playing in events in 2017.

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