ISPT-day-1-dreamLONDON — The poker community is already reacting with intense skepticism to a major change of plans from the  International Stadium Poker Tour.

After initially announcing that Day 1 of the inaugural ISPT event would be held in a live setting, and then shifting  Day 1 to a variety of online poker sites, today ISPT organizers revealed their latest plan for Day 1:

It will now take place in a dream.

“Lining up enough online partners for a robust Day 1 proved difficult,” said ISPT spokesperson Antoine Laverson. “We’ve always wanted ISPT open to as many poker players as possible. Moving the first day of the tournament to people’s subconscious was just the next logical step.”

Details regarding how Day 1 will function are still emerging. Some of what we do know at this point:

  • Players who cannot remember their qualifying dream do not advance to Day 2.
  • Players can dream Day 1 as online poker or live poker.
  • Those who see a black and white goat in their dream move on to Day 2. But those who see a white and black goat do not.
  • If you dream about playing Day 2 of the ISPT in your Day 1 dream, you will be ejected from the tournament for multi-dreaming.

Critics slammed the new plan. “This is just another in a string of totally confusing (and, frankly, kinda weird) decisions by the ISPT,” said industry analyst Joe Banks in an email.

“First it was a live. poker tournament. Then it was online poker, but played live. Then it was online poker, played online, leading to live poker played live.”

“And now it’s in a dream, natch.”

Representatives for ISPT would not comment on rumors that Day 2 of the tournament will be played in past lives.