Doug “WCGRider” Polk, currently undertaking a microstakes challenge to build $100 into a $10,000 bankroll, is down to $50 after 16 hours of play at the lowest stakes.

Jason Mercier, feeling sorry for Polk after his nanostakes loss, has offered WCGRider 180/1 on turning that $50 into $10,000, so long as he can sell some action to Vanessa Selbst and commentate on Doug’s stream as he plays.

“It’s a shame to see,” said Mercier, voice muffled from beneath a pile of bracelets and WSOP money. “Clearly Doug is a bad reg and I thought he could do with some motivation to help him win back his $50 and maybe a little more.”

Mercier amends bet, says he was drunk

Jason Mercier has since tried to amend his bet, claiming that he was drunk when he made it and that Polk should show some compassion towards him.

“I was super wasted after winning my first or second bracelet, I can’t even remember,” said Mercier. “If I were sober I would have never given Doug 180/1 on turning $50 into $10,000. I’d like to change it to 500/1 but he’s being really uncooperative about it.”

Polk launches new training site

Meanwhile, Polk has announced the launch of a new poker training site,, which aims to help Play Money players make their first deposit and break even at stakes as high as $0.01/$0.02.  In related news, Ryan Fee has applied to change his name by deed poll to Ryan Free of Charge.

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