Bad Beat Jackpot at Motor City Casino, bad beat for rest of poker world

Las Vegas, NV – In the wake of six players sharing the largest bad beat jackpot ever on January 16, players across the country have declared their absence at the table to be the worst bad beat they’ve ever experienced.

“The one time I’d get paid six figures to lose, and I’m thousands of miles away,” said Jacob Baines, a Florida poker player. “If I’d known they’d hit it in Detroit, I would’ve been there – count on it.”

Players recount their hardships

Several players in different rooms around the country echoed Mr. Baines’s sentiment. Some players blamed the sheer geographic distance for the beat, while some complained that at least one of the players should have folded preflop (not sure why) and some say they should have won because they had heard of the casino before.

“I even drove by that casino back in the fall of 92,” said Dave Simpson. “That could have easily been me at the table.” When reminded that the Motor City Casino didn’t open until 1999, Simpson just shook his head and said “That’s poker.”

Many respondents assured us that had they been at the table, their hand would certainly have been the big loser. One player in Las Vegas was particularly adamant about this point.


You would not believe how badly I run,” said Parker Tyne, who plays about once a week. “I’m telling you that you’d be surprised, even if you watch a lot of poker.”

Mr. Tyne says that he’s kicking himself for choosing Las Vegas over Detroit for a vacation. However, he seemed on the way to acceptance by the time we concluded the interview.

He said, “It’s just perfect for my luck that I wasn’t there to lose. I always get screwed.”

He then told us about a one-outer he suffered the day before. When we were awoken by his enthusiastic account of the river, we just bewilderingly* told him it was standard.

*Editors Note: Yeah, we looked it up, it’s a word.

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