Tony Smith, 31, has announced that his New Year’s Resolution for 2017 is to take poker seriously, move up in stakes and look to make it as a professional poker player. This means that Smith’s resolution remains unchanged for the eighth consecutive year.

Smith remains confident of his goal despite the ever-evolving level of play in online poker and the fact that, thus far, he has failed to move up beyond $0.25/$0.50 and his one-time SCOOP-L final table in 2010 remains a career high point for him.

“I’ve had some trouble before,” he said. “But I just need to knuckle down and really study. I can allocate a portion of my bankroll to a Run It Once Elite membership this time around. I should be able to crack mid-stakes before the summer and then I can quit my job.

“I’ve worked out a timetable so that I’ll be working on my game for twelve hours a week and I can probably play around 50,000 hands a month. I’ll be reviewing every hand I play to plug my leaks.”

When it was pointed out that he had played 811 hands on New Year’s Day (losing $89.12) and had not yet reviewed any of them, Smith said that this session obviously didn’t count.

Analysts described his resolution as optimistic, pointing out that it had been his resolution each and every year since he first played $0.02/$0.05 full ring games on Full Tilt Poker in 2009. Some even claim that, due to the rising average skill level and sites increasing rake at microstakes to the point of making them nearly impossible to beat, Smith’s chances of fulfilling his resolution this year are close to zero per cent.

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