Durant, OK – A local player who frequents the Choctaw Casino Hotel & Resort has recently learned about the concept of “blockers” and how they apply to his opponent’s range of hands and Jesus H. Christ he will not shut the hell up about them.

The player, a 44-year-old systems analyst named Jerry McNamara, learned about blockers roughly a month ago after watching a video by high-stakes player Doug Polk.

Blockers 101

For those unaware, blockers are cards one player holds that reduce the number of combinations of hands opponents can hold.

If I have A-K, you’re less likely to have A-A or K-K. It’s a pretty simple concept, right?

Well, to ask Jerry, you’d think he’d have stumbled upon how to time travel or some shit.

Blockers 102, by Jerry

“No one at these stakes is taking blockers into account!” exclaimed Jerry, who was wearing an UltimateBet hockey jersey and drinking a Bud Light Lime.

“When someone raises in front of me, and I have any ace, I just go all-in! They can’t have aces! It’s statistically impossible!”

When BCP experts explained that having the ace of spades in your hand only blocked opponents from also having the ace of spades, and that a hand like Ad-Ah was still quite possible, Jerry simply smiled and shook his head:

“I got three little words for you, buddy: Combor-N-Tronics.”

Editor’s note: none of those are words. Nor do they combine to form “combinatorics.” Even so, we’ll meet Jerry halfway.

Jerry’s latest session

The BCP crew filmed Jerry playing 2/5 No Limit for several hours.

After nearly every hand he won, he would explain to his opponents that he beat them because of blockers. And sometimes pot odds.

After four hours of play, Jerry told reporters of how he was able to have a $2,300 session profit.

“I remember one hand my opponent went all in on a Ks-Qs-Js flop. Well, I had pocket threes and I usually fold here.

“Then I looked down and what did I see? I had the three of spades! That’s what I like to call a “blocker” and because I have it, my opponent can’t have a flush!

“When I realized that, I couldn’t put my chips in fast enough.”

“Well, the turn and river were both kings, and I turned over my full boat. He double checks his cards a few times and says ‘Are you shitting me? What are you doing, you idiot!?’

“I just winked at him and said: ‘Blockers, baby. Maybe go learn about ‘em.’”

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