Man suffers bad poker beat, cant let it go

Houston, TX – Shortly after 8:30 pm, local player Henry Preswood was overheard complaining about a 2007 bad beat while the whole table moaned and prayed for death to take them.

Henry, if it’s not fantastically apparent, is a 61-year-old low stakes player who plays every other weekend hoping to hit the bad beat jackpot, but is somehow surprised that he hasn’t yet.

The catalyst for Preswood’s complaint came when he witnessed another player call all-in with a naked flush draw on the turn and smash the river for a $530 pot. Preswood was quick to console the loser of the hand, Brad McLeary, who was taking the beat rather well and didn’t need any consolation whatsoever.

Preswood pointed out that, “That was a pretty nasty beat. I once took a beat like that.”

A chronicle of a sorta bad beat

After no one bit, Preswood added, “A hand that might have changed my whole life.”

A full minute passed before the dealer accidentally made eye contact with Preswood leading the latter to exclaim, “It was back in Tunica in January of ’07 and I was playing a $1,000 satellite to get into the World Poker Open down there. So we are down to 4 players and I ask if they all wanna chop $2,500 even. They all say no and would you believe it, the VERY next hand I get Ace-King and I just move all in cuz I don’t want no one calling me with two jacks.

Well, the big blind calls immediately with Ace-Queen. And the flop was safe, but would you believe it the turn was a queen! I couldn’t believe it. So I get eliminated and I ask the table if I can at least get my $1,000 back because it was such a bad beat, and they say no! These kids have no honor any more I tell ya. Can you believe that? I probably woulda won that tournament and then won the whole big tournament down there. That just goes to show ya.”

Unfortunately, Preswood’s story was stopped short when he looked up and realized the table had broke 5 minutes earlier.

Naturally, Preswood grabbed his drink and shuffled over to a different table where upon sitting down explained the bad beat to his new tablemates who all immediately retired from poker forever.

Preswood is a zero-time bracelet winner, literally never straddles, and is 100% going to knock you out of your next tournament and then somehow complain about it.

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