Playing Suited Connectors Vs Pocket Pairs

Tom Aldine, 41, is reported to be pondering some poker advice he has just received from the guy sitting next to him. According to our sources, Aldine was recently informed that suited connectors play better than pocket pairs, even Aces.

At this point, it is unclear whether Aldine will accept the advice as fact or write it off as mere uninformed ramblings. He cannot be sure if the amiable gentleman next to him is sound in judgment and strategy, so that is making his decision difficult.

A tale of the two Toms

The player sitting next to Aldine is 55-year-old Tom Kragen. Kragen is a semi-retired contractor who has taken a liking to the younger Aldine due to the similarity of their first names and the pleasant color of Aldine’s polo shirt.

Kragen has made repeated references to himself and Aldine as “the Two Toms” when one or both are involved in hands. Sources indicate that Mr. Kragen has drunk four whiskey sours in the last two hours, and that he is internally preparing for a confrontation with the cocktail waitress over whether he may receive a fifth.

A difficult decision for Aldine

Kragen’s initial claim came after his suited 34 cracked a set of Aces on the river via a gutshot straight. At that point, he began confiding in his “brother Tom,” citing the need for Toms to stick together and look out for one another.

Camaraderie aside, Aldine believes that he must decide quickly. He reportedly mucked suited connectors earlier in the evening, which would’ve resulted in a full house had he remained in the pot and called a $500 bet with bottom two pair and a four-flush onboard.

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