FTP vs PokerStarsLONDON — Chaos in the world of online poker today as Daniel Negreanu betrayed his fellow PokerStars pros and publicly defected to arch rival Full Tilt Poker.

It all went down on a special UK episode of poker show Monday Night Rake.

Team PokerStars’ Negreanu and Ike Haxton were scheduled for a championship match against the Full Horsemen team of Gus Hansen and Tom Dwan.

But only seconds after the match began, Full Tilt pro Viktor Blom stormed the ring and knocked out referee Matt Savage with a folding chair. Blom then turned to Haxton while Hansen and Dwan pulled Savage out of the ring.

Negreanu rushed in, getting between Haxton and Blom and convincing Blom to hand over the chair.

Brutal Negreanu attackThen Negreanu – a long-time “face” in the poker world – did the unthinkable: He wheeled around and clocked Haxton with the chair, knocking his own partner out cold.

Negreanu proceeded to put Haxton in what one announcer called “the most awkward Camel Clutch I’ve ever seen.”

A moment of hope emerged for Haxton when friend of PokerStars Jason Alexander charged from the dressing room toward the ring.

But Alexander was quickly intercepted by long-time Full Tilt henchman Mike “The Mouth of the South(west)” Matusow, who stunned the Seinfeld star with a wicked DDT.

The Mouth then used the strap from his fannypack to choke out Alexander.

As Blom and Dwan stomped a motionless Haxton, Gus Hansen took the microphone to declare that Negreanu was leaving PokerStars and joining Full Tilt to form a so-called “New Poker Order.”

“These PokerStars jabronis have ruled the ring long enough,” said Hansen over the boos and jeers of the audience.

“Do you smell,” Hansen continued, twirling his finger under his nose, “what the Dane is cooking?”