Get a free online poker license with buffet purchase

LAS VEGAS — Nevada’s nascent online poker industry, already crowded by dozens of license holders, is about to get a good deal larger.

That’s thanks to the Nevada Gaming Commission’s plans to issue a complimentary online poker operator’s license to each and every paying customer at Caesars’ Bacchanal Buffet.

The promotion is valid during dinner hours only.

Intrastate online poker in Nevada was legalized nearly two years ago. But, to date, no one has actually opened a real-money online poker site.

“We’re super excited about this,” said NGC Chairman Alex Futterman. “Thousands of people pass through the Bacchanal Buffet every week. We figure if we give a license to all of them, one is just bound to launch an online poker room sooner than our current slate of license holders.”

The Caesars BuffetFor the price of a dinner buffet, guests at the Bacchanal can sample over 500 items prepared by top-tier chefs. And (following a brief presentation from regulators between dinner and dessert) they’ll be legally allowed to offer multi-player online poker for real-money stakes to people within the borders of Nevada.

The offer is limited by a few additional terms and conditions.

Only guests over 21 can receive an online poker license with buffet purchase. Also, any guest who took online bets from Americans after the passage of the UIGEA is barred from entering the Bacchanal Buffet – even during off-peak periods. Finally, alcoholic beverages are an extra charge.

When reached for comment, PokerStars denounced Nevada’s move. “This is just another anti-competitive tactic by protectionist casino interests,” said PokerStars spokesperson Erica Hallsier.

“Plus,” Hallsier continued, “who the hell wants to stand in a four hour line for a $50 buffet anyway?”