LAS VEGAS — Only months after Open Face Chinese Poker captured the imagination of players, a new poker variant is spreading like wildfire: Open Face North Korean Poker.

What is Open Face North Korean?

In Open Face North Korean (OFNK), players make three separate hands – back, middle and front –  from 13 total cards.

But there’s one crucial rule: your back hand must be weaker than your middle, and your middle weaker than your front.

Breaking this rule (known as “fouling” in Open Face Chinese) is known as “Western Dogging” your hand.

Card from Open Face North KoreaThe penalty for Western Dogging: Zero points for the round, plus two weeks in a forced labor camp.

Open Face North Korean uses a special deck consisting entirely of North Korean leaders Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un.

Straights or flushes do not count in OFNK. The only hand you can make in Open Face North Korean is a “Dear Leader,” which consists of matching leader cards of different suits.

Communist Paradise

Making three hands that all contain a “Dear Leader” – with Kim Jong-uns in your back hand, Kim Jong-ils in your middle and Kim Il-sungs in your front – is known as “Communist Paradise.”

There are numerous benefits to Communist Paradise; for one, you get all of your cards dealt face-down the following round.

Also, you get extra rice rations for a month.

Reaction to OFNK

Pros are already gushing about Open Faced North Korean.

“Can’t get enough,” said Mike Matusow. “I crushed Phil Hellmuth in OFNK last night. He Western Dogged so many times that now he’s a conscript in the North Korean army.”

“I guess now we’ll find out,” continued Matusow, “if he really can dodge bullets.”