Players Boycotting PokerStars After WCOOP

Well, it’s about time. Finally… players have had enough. Several of the world’s best young online grinders have banded together to once and for all put a stop to PokerStars. Just as soon as WCOOP is done.

PokerStars has been consistently increasing their prices over the last few years. This is something that all companies do, but when PokerStars does it’s not fair ya know?

Boycott nothing new at Stars

This will be, I dunno, like the 5th boycott of PokerStars ever since the company was sold to Amaya for $4.8 billion in 2013. The former management seemed to always put players first, but online grinders have been less than thrilled with the newer policies.

The boycott is planned to last three months and have no impact on the site whatsoever. The boycott was originally planned to start today, but there’s a very juicy $100 re-entry that’s supposed to be super soft. And there’s probably gonna be over $70k up top.

Former PokerStars Team Pro Isaac Haxton had this to say:

“PokerStars charges an unconscionable amount of rake. My latest calculations show that for every ONE dollar a players wins at the table, PokerStars takes $15 in rake. Those kind of games are nearly impossible to beat. And we’re not gonna stand for this any longer. Well, we’re not gonna stand for it in a couple weeks. WCOOP is such good value.”

A call to action

Several players have banded together with Isaac including Dani Stern, Fedor Holz, and Justin Bonomo.

The plan is for several online grinders to wake up very early (noon) and band together picketing around each others’ computers. They will then take pictures of this and post them on social media. All of this is of course subject to change if in the end none of the players feel like boycotting that day.

WCOOP (The World Championships of Online Poker) takes place every year in the fall on PokerStars. Champions of the bigger final events win figures in the millions. The winners usually come from some country you’ve never heard of and are anywhere between 6 and 19 years old.

Also Breaking: Fedor Holz was initially lined up to participate in the boycott, but quickly realized he had enough money to buy PokerStars, so did that instead.

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