Las VegasDallas, Texas – Avid recreational poker player Michael Darden recently celebrated his twelve-year wedding anniversary by buying what he calls “the most perfect gift” for his wife – an all-expenses-paid 3-night trip to Las Vegas for the couple. The trip, which has yet to be scheduled completely, will likely coincide with the annual World Series of Poker.

“It just hit me one night,” said Darden. “The perfect vacation spot for lovers – between the fountains at Bellagio, the Forum Shops, and the excitement of the Amazon Room at the Rio, you can’t go wrong.”

When pressed, Mr. Darden said that the idea came upon him as he was making his weekly check of deals on Expedia. The combination of low hotel rates and package deals on Southwest made too much sense to pass up.

Mrs. Darden could barely contain her excitement at the news.

“Vegas again?! Why do we always have to go someplace with a casino? For once, couldn’t we just go someplace and be alone, away from cigarette smoke and slot machines?” she said, dabbing tears of joy from her eyes. She also mentioned that she was looking forward to the shopping and seeing Zumanity by herself “for the third goddamn time.”

Our sources tell us that the couple will likely be staying at Harrah’s or the Quad, since Mr. Darden likes to stretch his playing bankroll and not “waste” any money on trivialities like hotel accommodations. He is also going to fly in on the earliest flight possible, so as not to “lose Vegas time.” There is no word on whether Mrs. Darden will be on that flight, or choose a later departure.

“This is going to be great!” Mr. Darden said. “Check-raising those turkeys and building huge stacks? What a way to spend an anniversary – oh, and my wife will be there, too. Hopefully they’ll let her sit behind me at the table. She’ll love that!”