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LAS VEGAS – A poker player’s bid to walk a high wire over the Bellagio fountain has ended in tragedy. Tim Schulz, 34, fell from the wire 8 feet into his walk across the Las Vegas landmark after a light breeze crossed his path.

Schulz, a fixture in the Bellagio poker room, used his connections to arrange the stunt, despite having never trained to walk a tightrope before. However, the gambling pro fell 100 feet into the water below and likely would’ve drowned without assistance from rescue personnel.

As it is, the aspiring daredevil suffered a collapsed lung, compressed four vertebrae, broke seven ribs, and had a severe concussion. He is currently in intensive care at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.

Schulz was allegedly inspired to his attempt by the Wallenda siblings, who recently walked across New York’s Times Square in a televised event. He brushed off fellow poker players’ warnings by repeating the phrase “how hard can it be?”

Bellagio only agreed to the stunt after Schulz signed a comprehensive liability waiver. The casino denied Schulz’s request to drain the fountain in order to -‘ in Schulz’s words -‘ “up the ante.”

Rumors that Schulz agreed to the stunt as a proposition bet appear unfounded. In fact, Schulz turned down offers of wagers, saying that it would “cheapen the experience.

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