Poker White Paper

It turns out some of those suspicions you have had about poker may actually be true.

Since the beginning of time, players have been mocked and ridiculed for their suspicions and superstitions about the great game of poker. Finally they have vindication via an exhaustive study released by some of the world’s greatest minds in statistical analysis. Their findings are leading many to question everything we know about poker.

The new report, tentatively titled Are You More Likely to get Pocket Aces When You’re About To Get A Walk In The Big Blind?…And Other Great Poker Mysteries, won’t be released until early next year – but BonusCodePoker was able to snag an early draft.

Table of Contents
The white paper is set to break wide open everything we thought we knew about poker
pocket aces in the bing blind new3
We could hardly believe it (actually it makes perfect sense).
Badugi Poker
Take that, math boy.

The team at BonusCodePoker continues to scour over the report and will be sure to bring you the latest ground-breaking — but entirely suspected — findings.

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