PokerStars Rewards to Shareholders

Isle of Mann – Wow, HUGE news out of PokerStars headquarters this week as the world’s leading poker site has once again revamped their whole rewards system! Under the old system, PokerStars would take a fee for every tournament played and a percentage of every cash game pot.


The new and improved system cuts out the middleman, and allows you to hand over your cash in person directly to shareholders!

The most efficient PokerStars rewards system yet

Head of Marketing Robert Sindell explained how exactly the new system works:

“Basically, any time a new player registers an account at PokerStars, their address is given to all the shareholders located in his or her immediate area. This way, said shareholders can drive over, knock on your door, and simply take whatever cash you have on you. You can put it right in their hands! And all from the convenience of your own home. It’s an option that we wanted to give not only our high volume players, but also just the recreational players who may only enjoy playing the occasional Spin N Go or weekend tournament.”

The news has received mixed reactions from the poker community with some players calling it “meh whatever” while others are saying it’s “meh standard.”

PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu went on his podcast “DAT Poker Pod” to address how the changes would actually HELP recreational players, and I’m not sure how he did it, but he actually made a whole hell of a lot of sense.

For a time, PokerStars easily had the best rewards system in online poker offering like $300,000 a year in incentives per player or some such nonsense. However, once the site went public, the company decided to stop giving away millions of dollars for no good reason and it make players angry… grrrr!

“In the past shareholders would buy stock of the company, trade it in, buy more, sell it, etc. But doesn’t all that sound tedious?” noted PokerStars marketing exec Lee Jones. “This gets rid of all those extra steps and allows us to pass the savings directly on to you – which our shareholders will then come over and take right back.”

Since the new rewards system was launched PokerStars stock has risen 7,000 percent because that’s the world we live in.

Another boycott?

Several players voiced their displeasure with the move and announced that they would be banding together to boycott PokerStars next Thursday. That list of players includes Dani Stern, Peter Jetten, Ben Tollerene and Dmitri Nobles.

The boycott is scheduled to last from 6:30 am local time until 6:34 am local time.

When the boycotters were reminded that almost every live poker room gives players no rake back or any rewards whatsoever, the group decided to extend the boycott until 6:37.

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