At Sky Poker £5,000 is being given away in a promotion the site is calling: Cash Champ. The Sky Poker Cash Champ promotion runs from June 3 to June 9 and rewards Sky Poker’s cash game players — particularly those who contribute most to the action in the pot.

Before explaining the Sky Poker Cash Champ promotion it helps to step back for a second and explain how the Sky Poker points system works these days. Thanks to a recent update in the way Sky Poker distributes the poker points earned at cash tables in hands where rakes are taken. In the past, these points would be evenly distributed to all the players with a stake in that hand. Now, Sky Poker uses the “weighted contribution” system wherein the more you contribute to that rake (based on your own stake in the pot) the more of those poker points allotted to that hand you will receive.

That said, to celebrate this change, which rewards players not just for their play but for how much they contribute to keeping the action going at the tables they play, Sky Poker offers the Cash Champ promotion, in which players will be ranked on a leaderboard based on the number of points they earned at the cash tables.

Sky Poker will keep three Cash Champ leaderboards based on the stakes levels of the tables in question. The Lower tier leaderboard includes the $0.02/$0.04 to $0.20/$0.40 regular tables and the $0.05/$0.05 and $0.10/$0.10 action tables. The Middle tier leaderboard includes the $0.10/$0.20 to $0.20/$0.40 regular tables and the $0.20/$0.20 and $0.30/$0.30 action tables. And the Upper tier leaderboard includes the $0.25/$0.50 and higher regular tables and the $0.50/$0.50 action tables.

The £5,000 total guaranteed prize pool will be divided among the top 20 players from each tier as follows:

1.    low: £200; mid: £300; high: £400
2.    low £150; mid £225; high: £300
3.    low £120; mid: £180; high: £240
4.    low: £110; mid: £165; high: £220
5.    low: £100; mid: £150; high: £200
6.    low: £90; mid: £135; high: £180
7.    low: £80; mid: £120; high: £160
8.    low: £70; mid: £105; high: £140
9.    low: £60; mid: £90; high: £120
10.    low: £50; mid: £75; high: £100
11.    low: £40; mid: £60; high: £80
12.    low: £30; mid: £45; high: £60
13.    low: £30; mid: £45; high: £40
14.    low: £20; mid: £30; high: £40
15.    low: £20; mid: £30; high: £40
16.    low: £20; mid: £30; high: £40
17.    low: £10; mid: £15; high: £20
18.    low: £10; mid: £15; high: £20
19.    low: £10; mid: £15; high: £20
20.    low: £10; mid: £15; high: £20

And if you play at multiple stakes levels, you can easily find yourself on two or all three tier leaderboards, and eligible for a prize from each one.

Poker points is a Sky Poker bonus reward for playing at the site’s cash games and tournaments. All new players start out with 500 poker points. You can then earn points at the cash game tables for contributing to the pot (i.e. paying the blind, checking and placing bets, etc.) from which a rake is taken. The rake is the portion of each pot above a minimum amount that the house takes for itself as a “fee” for hosting the game.  Those points can then earn you tickets into freerolls, cash rewards, and more — including, right now, prizes in the Sky Poker Cash Champ promotion.

(Incidentally, play at the Multi-table tournaments and Sit & Go tables do not count toward the Cash Champ promo, players still earn poker points for playing in these events, at a rate of 10 poker points for every £1 in fee paid as part of the tournament buy-in (for example the £1 in: £10+ £1).