As of May 1, 2013, Sky Poker has launched in new player rewards program and in today’s post we’ll give you a thorough overview of that program, in its all glory.

The new Sky Poker Rewards program thanks players for their loyalty to the site by giving players a chance to earn a bonus every single month. The size of your bonus depends on the number of poker points you earn playing at all the site’s real money tables, which includes all cash games and tournaments (MTTs and Sit & Gos). Earn a cash bonus for as little as just 100 poker points in a month. The higher your poker points earnings in any given month, however, the higher your bonus.

Bonuses are awarded according to the following scheme:
•    Earn 1p per point for earning 100 to 2,999 poker points in a month
•    Earn 1.5p per point for earning 3,000 to 4,999 poker points in a month
•    Earn 2.0p per point for earning 5,000 to 9,999 poker points in a month

At the 10,000 points per month mark, players are eligible for a percentage cash back on the rake they pay and tournament fees paid to play at the site. Sky Poker calls these Priority Rewards, and they’re distributed according to the following scheme:
•    Earn a 20% rakeback for earning 10,000 to 19,999 poker points in a month
•    Earn a 25% rakeback for earning 20,000 to 29,999 poker points in a month
•    Earn a 30% rakeback for earning 30,000 or more poker points in a month

At the first of every month, the points scores are reset and players start over from scratch.

In addition to getting a rakeback for reaching Priority Reward status, players earning these rewards also receive Priority Club benefits for the coming month. Those Sky Poker Priority Club benefits include the following:
•    fast-tracked rewards payments, including the option to request early payouts
•    exclusive tournaments
•    exclusive promotions and freeroll tournaments
•    direct buy-ins to Sky Poker Tour (SPT) events
•    priority customer support that includes a dedicated account representative

To maintain Priority Club status, players must continue earning at least 10,000 poker points every month after status is granted. After each month’s poker points scores are totaled, players will be notified by email if they are eligible for Priority Club status for the coming month, and that status will be granted automatically.

Sky Poker players already enrolled in the previous loyalty scheme at the site, the Cash for Points program, are automatically enrolled in the Sky Poker Rewards program. All other players wishing to participate in the Sky Poker Rewards program, opt in by logging into to your Sky Poker player admin and browsing to your My Account Free Bets page, then entering in to the given field the Sky promo code REWARDS.

And remember, as we informed you in a previous post, Sky Poker’s poker points are now awarded using the weighted contribution method. With this method, rather than distributing the allotted poker points for a given hand between all the players with a stake in that hand, the poker points are distributed according to the players’ relative stake: that is, according to how much each player contributed to that overall rake.

Additional terms and conditions apply specific to the Sky Poker Rewards program and the Priority Club program, so be sure to read them carefully at the respective page on the Sky Poker website so you are clear about all the ins and outs of this new and improved online poker player loyalty scheme.