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BonusCodePoker | August 17, 2017.

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Sky Poker No Deposit Bonus

Sky Poker are offering the Holy Grail of welcome bonus deals for new players, which is a free no deposit bonus of £10 in tournament tokens just for registering with the site. Simply by entering your personal details and the bonus code POKER you qualify for a free £10 bonus which you can use to play on the site.

Your no deposit bonus can be used to play on Poker tournaments you can start making real money profits without having to risk your own hard-earned cash. The bonus comes in the form of 2x £2.20 tokens and 2x £3.30 tokens which you can use straight away, and if you want you can combine the no deposit bonus tokens to enter a tourney with a higher entry fee, for example by using a £2.20 + £3.30 token to enter a tournament with an entry fee of £5.50.

The best news is that any money you win using your free no deposit bonus is all yours with no wagering requirement before you can cash out, so don’t forget to use that POKER bonus code when you register.

£10 Free at Sky Poker

Matching 200% Deposit Welcome Bonus

Apart from the no deposit £10 in tournament tokens, Sky Poker also offer a 200% deposit bonus to a maximum of £500 based on your first deposit to the site. There is no bonus code required to take advantage of this fantastic offer, you can just claim it after you make your first deposit of £10 or more to the site.

This bonus is released in increments as you earn Poker Points (more about those in the next section) so don’t expect to see the entire bonus amount waiting for you after you deposit. You will earn Poker Points by playing real money games on the Sky Poker site and for every 250 Poker Points that you collect £10 will be released into your balance. It’s basically like a traditional wagering requirement except in reverse, which means that you will be able to withdraw that bonus cash after you play through it just once after it is unlocked.

The 200% matched deposit from Sky Poker is a fantastic deal which will allow you to check out the range of different game types and tournaments available at this popular online Poker site.

Poker Points

As an incentive to keep playing on the site Sky Poker awards Poker Points to players for playing real money poker games, and these points can be used to unlock rewards every week, as well as to unlock your bonus deposit cash. Poker Points are earned by playing Cash games, Sit and Go’s and Tournaments on the site.

When you play cash games you earn these points at a rate of 6 points for every £1 in cash rake, while you earn 10 Poker Points or every £1 in Tournament or Sit and Go entry fees you pay. Basically the more you play at Sky Poker the more points you earn, and you get to use your points to collect some great rewards. Everyone who joins Sky Poker automatically receives 500 Poker Points as part of their welcome bonus package to get started with; yet another excellent reason to sign up with Sky Poker.

Sky Poker Rewards

The more Poker Points you earn by playing at Sky Poker, the more rewards you can claim. There are six loyalty levels and each time you move up to a higher level you will be able to claim better and better prizes, just as long as you earn at least 50 Poker Points per week in order to participate.

Everybody automatically starts at the Blue level, and as you collect more points you can move up the levels to Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and finally Platinum, the highest level. No matter what level you are at, by earning 50 Poker Points per week you qualify for entry to 5 £1,000 Free-roll tournaments every day from Monday to Friday.

Moving up a level from Blue to Steel (by earning from 100 to 499 points per week) will also earn you a tournament token worth £2.30 every week that you maintain that level. Moving up the levels earns you bonus awards starting at 1p per point at Bronze level all the way up to 2p per point earned at Platinum level.

Sky Poker Priority Awards

Priority awards are available for players who reach Bronze level or higher, and these are based on Poker Points earned over the course of a month. To qualify for Bronze Priority Rewards you must earn at least 10,000 points per month for a period of 3 months, rising to 50,000 per month to gain access to Platinum Rewards.

These awards take the form of rake-backs which start at 10% for Bronze members and go up to 20% Rake-back for Platinum level players.  When combined with the weekly £5,000 Free-roll tournaments Sky Poker offer terrific deals for new and existing players.


Apart from the great welcome bonus package and the Poker Points rewards scheme, Sky Poker offer regular promotions to keep existing players satisfied. There are a lot of satellite tournaments available at Sky Poker, with the Viva Las Vegas Satellites offering players the chance to win holidays to the home of gambling to take part in one of the world’s most lucrative poker tournaments.

Players also have the chance to take on Sky Poker’s resident poker playing expert and test their skills against the best. Jump Start gives players the options to boost their Poker Points by 100% by playing on short-handed tables with 3 or less players. Keep a close eye on the Sky Poker promotions page as these special offers are always changes with new promotions appearing to offer great value deals for existing players.

Registration with Sky Poker

Creating a Sky Poker account could not be simpler, and it will only take a couple of minutes of your time. You will just need to enter your name and contact details, and of course don’t forget to enter your Bonus Code POKER so that you can claim that free £10 worth of poker tournament tickets. You will also be asked to create a username for when you log in to any Sky betting site including Sky Poker, and also a different Poker Alias.

The Poker Alias is the name which will appear next to your avatar when you are at the tables. Choose carefully because you won’t be able to change this alias later as it’s not allowed to keep changing your name to prevent other players from picking up on your playing style. All players verify their accounts in line with regulatory requirements, but this can normally be done using online records for UK residents so won’t cause any hassle for players.


Sky Poker offers a huge range of different poker games and tournaments on the site, meaning that there is something for all lovers of the game here. Let’s run through some of the games and tables that you can expect to find at Sky Poker.

Texas Hold ‘Em

There is no doubt that Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular variation of poker played today, and the same holds true at the Sky Poker rooms as you will find most of the action happening at these tables. During Hold ‘Em players must make the best hand of 5 cards from their two secret hole cards plus the 5 communal cards laid out on the table which everyone can use. This game is all about the betting rounds, and trying to get a sense of what your opponent’s hole cards are without giving up any secrets yourself. Because of the many betting rounds which come before and after the flop, plus after the ‘turn’ and the ‘river’ Texas Hold ‘Em is an exciting and suspenseful version of the game which has long reigned as the daddy of all poker games played today.


Omaha is a game favoured by less people than Hold ‘Em, and tends to attract more experienced players which can make the games quite competitive. The rules are fairly similar to Hold ‘Em, except in this variation of the game players have 4 hole cards and must use 2 of these plus 3 of the 5 communal cards to make their best hand.

Omaha Hi/Lo

As is clear from the name, this game is a variation on the original game of Omaha except with a pretty major twist thrown in. Omaha Hi Lo allows players to win with the best hand and also with the worst hand at the table. As a consequence it encourages more players to stay in the hand for longer because where dud cards would normally make a player fold early, in this poker game bad cards could make for a very good result.

Cash Games

All three varieties of poker listed above are available at the cash tables and you can just go to the main lobby, choose the game of your choice, and then decide which type of cash game you are interested in. Blinds range from £0.02/£0.04 up to £10/£20, and the tables are grouped into one of the following sections:

  • No Limit: you need a big stack for this game so you don’t get bluffed out of hands
  • Pot Limit: where limits are set on what can be raised according to the size of the bpot
  • Capped: where the pot cannot go higher than a fixed limit
  • Heads Up: one v one games if you feel like some head to head action
  • Free Play: a play money option for you to practice your skills
  • Spin Up: these tables are a little different as you are forced to make decisions for all of your chips more often, but are a good option for some fast and furious poker action.

Sit & Go’s

Sit & Go is basically a mini one table tournament, meaning that you don’t have to wait for hours to see if you are going to be in the money. It is more equitable than cash tables in the sense that everyone buys in for the same amount and starts with the same number of chips. There are different types of Sit and Go games available to choose from at Sky Poker:

  • Regular: this is the standard Sit & Go game with 6 players, where first and second place get paid.
  • Double Your Money: in this version of the game the top three players double their money, while the bottom 3 from 6 go home with nothing.
  • Heads Up: this pits two players in a head to head sit and go game with the winner taking all the cash.
  • Hyper: a speeded up version of the game with less chips and faster blinds
  • All-In: two players compete and must go all-in on the first hand, so there’s not too much skill involved in this version of the game.


Multi-table tournaments feature players on a number of different tables, all competing to win the top prizes. Here we are going to take a look at some of the different types of poker tournament available at Sky Poker:

  • Deep Stack: as the name suggests, players start out with more chips in this tournament, meaning that you may have to set aside a few hours of your time if you end up going a long way.
  • Rebuy: a rebuy gives you the option to buy in again if you are knocked out of the tourney, which again tends to lead to long running tournaments.
  • Freezeout: in a freezeout tournament there is no rebuy option, meaning that when you’re gone there’s no option to buy your way back in.
  • Head Hunter: this is a fun tournament where you accumulate bounties by knocking out other players as there is no prize pool.
  • Bounty Hunter: similar to the above except in a Bounty Hunter tourney half the buy in goes to the prize pool with the other half onto your head as a ‘bounty’ and you win cash by eliminating other players.
  • Freeroll: basically this is a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool which is free to play.
  • Satellites: finish in the top places of a Satellite tournament and you will earn a seat at a higher stakes tourney, sometimes even to major international competitions like the UK Poker Championships.
  • Turbo: if you don’t want to spend all night playing poker then the faster Turbo option may be for you, as blinds are raised much more quickly.

Mobile Options

Sky Poker is available to play on your mobile device, regardless of whether you prefer Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows phones or tablets. This means that you can play at the Sky Poker tables no matter where you are in the world, although you will need to make sure you have got a stable wireless internet connection to avoid disconnecting from tournaments at a crucial stage.  The mobile version of Sky Poker is somewhat limiting in the sense that it is difficult to play on multiple tables at the same time, but is still a nice option for short cash game sessions or sit and go tournaments.

Sky Poker Academy

For those players new to the game Sky Poker offers a comprehensive poker academy full of useful tips and lessons.  The basics are all covered, with lessons on how to play the different varieties of poker as well as introductions to hand ranking and a glossary of poker terms. There’s also a nice little section for beginners on how to recognise different player types and styles. For more experienced players, the Intermediate section of the academy page offers more advanced tips on cash game strategy and double your money games. A series of Strategy videos offers great tips for players of all levels on topics such as chip management, how to play bounty hunter tournaments successfully and how you should commit to strong hands.


Sky Poker’s secure banking facility offers a limited quantity of payment methods, preferring to stick to the most commonly used options in the UK market. This means that you can choose Mastercard, Visa or Maestro for deposits and withdrawals via debit and credit cards. While popular electronic wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are not offered at Sky Poker, you will be able to use PayPal to fund your account from the UK and also for withdrawals. Deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly, securely and with a minimum of fuss at Sky Poker.

Security and fair play

Customer security is a priority for any reputable online gambling site, and Sky Poker certainly prioritises the safety of its players. Regulated by the respected UK Gambling Commission as well as the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Sky Poker adheres to the highest levels of security and fair play on the site. Players are required to verify their personal details so as to counter any attempts at fraud, and encrypted software is used to ensure that private information remains that way. The poker rooms are also subject to scrutiny so as to ensure that there is no collusion going on between players, and if collusive activity is uncovered any moneys involved will be restored to the other players at the table, while the rule-breakers will need to go find a new place to play poker. Chip dumping is technique used by players to move money from one person to another and is recognised as a form of money laundering, and this type of activity is also curtailed by the in-house security analysts.

Customer support

Sky Poker likes to put the customer first, and of course a top quality customer support team is the bridge between the company and the players.  Customer support is available from the hours of 8am to Midnight (UK time) and they can be contacted by telephone, email or live chat. Simply select a query category from the extensive list of options available and then you will be able to choose your preferred method of contact. Live chat is a great way to resolve issues quickly and easily, while the free-phone contact option is also a fast way to get your problem solved. In cases where you may need to send document scans or screenshots, then the email is the best contact method option. The Customer Support team at Sky Poker is knowledgeable and well informed on all aspects of the site, and are able to provide prompt and friendly support no matter what issues you may be having.

Beyond poker

Sky is a major brand name in the United Kingdom, and apart from their television output they have lent their name to a range of different online gaming sites. Besides Sky Poker, there is also Sky Bet, Sky Vegas, Sky Bingo and Sky Casino each offering different online betting alternatives.


Sky Bet is the online bookmaking arm of Sky’s portfolio of betting sites. Here you can find a wide range of sports betting options on sports ranging from football, tennis and horse racing to netball, Aussie rules and yachting. A £20 free bet is a nice way to introduce new members to the site, and there are a number of ongoing promotions to keep existing clients happy. Sky Bet are known among sport betting aficionados as offering very competitive odds, and they also offer enhanced prices on selected markets. In play betting has become one of the most popular aspects of any online bookmaker, and Sky Bet does not disappoint in this regard as it can boast an extensive range of in play live betting options for desktop and mobile.

Sky Bingo

Online Bingo has grown rapidly in recent years, particularly in the UK where it has become one of the more social online gaming options. Players visit the same bingo rooms at the same time, and build up online friendships while playing a few games. Sky Bingo offers a very generous welcome offer for new players, and once you are signed up there are a wealth of different bingo rooms to choose from, many of them exclusive to Sky.

Whether you plan to play for pennies or for pounds, there will be a bingo room to suit your pocket, and if you feel like a break from Bingo there are a number of other games on the site as well. Players can take a break from the bingo rooms to play popular slots like Rainbow Riches, The Winnings of Oz and Fluffy Favourites. When you do feel like returning for some bingo action there are plenty of ongoing promotions and offers to spice up your game play and offer the chance to win big cash prizes.

Sky Casino

Sky Casino is a sophisticated online gaming site offering a broad selection of real money gaming opportunities. This classy gaming site allows players to choose from a range of casino table game favourites along with the latest in video slot games and some great video poker options. The live casino is a particularly strong feature of Sky Casino, and here you can play games of Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold Em and Hi Lo. The Slots section of the casino is packed full of favourites from Playtech including the Age of the Gods series and the Batman and Superman DC collection, as well as the world famous Marvel progressive jackpot slots. As with all the Sky branded gaming sites there is a generous welcome bonus on offer as well as regular ongoing promotions which are available to existing members. Another boost for members comes in the shape of the Players Club, which is a loyalty scheme to reward active players on the site.

Sky Vegas

Sky Vegas is like a flashier sister site to the more urbane Sky Casino, and here slot games take centre stage and make up the majority of the 250+ games available on the site. You will find games from a range of providers here, including Barcrest, Core Gaming, CryptoLogic, Electrade, IGT, NetEnt, Playtech and WMS among others. Expect to find the latest releases from these companies, along with some games unique to Sky including various table gaming options. While Sky Casino puts more of an emphasis on its live casino games, in fact these are shared with the Sky Vegas site as well meaning that the core gaming experience is not so dissimilar. One major drawback with Sky Vegas is that it is effectively only legal in the UK, so players from other countries won’t be able to sign up.

Company Overview

All five of the above mentioned sites are owned by Sky Betting and Gaming, a British based company made up of CVC Capital Partners and Sky PLC, home of Sky Sports and TV. While Sky PLC is now a minority share-holder in the gaming sites, they still use the branding which has such resonance in the UK market due to the prominence of Sky Sports in particular. Apart from the Poker, Bingo, Vegas, Casino and sports betting sites, the group also owns Oddschecker which is a betting odds comparison site.

Soccer Saturday Super 6 is also part of the Sky online gaming empire, and this is a free to enter game where players try to predict the exact result of six UK football matches to win a jackpot prize. Another free entry competition run by Sky is the Sky Sports Fantasy Football game, where players select and manage their own team of players from the Premier League and try to win the league by earning points based on the real life actions of their chosen players. Since acquiring what was to become Sky Bet in 2000, the Sky brand has transitioned online to the point where it has become a popular online gaming choice for UK players.


Review Overview


Sky Poker is one of the most popular poker sites in the UK, boosted by its association with this famous sporting brand. The Poker rooms offer a selection of the most popular poker games around, and present them in different formats to suit all types of players. The Bounty Hunter games have proven to be particularly popular, while the well-funded tournaments remain a big draw for players. The Sky Poker rooms are stylishly presented and the welcome package and ongoing promotions are a major reason to pay a visit to this online poker venue. Sky brings a reputation for quality and trustworthiness, and the Sky Poker site does not disappoint on either score. With its poker academy providing useful tips for newbies and poker veterans alike, Sky Poker is an excellently maintained site offering a wide variety of poker playing options in exquisite surroundings.