In the midst of all the major events like the UK Online Poker Series and Sky Poker Tour, and big money ongoing tournament events like the Monthly Roller and Super Roller, and player loyalty rewards like Cash for Points and the Priority Club that we’ve reported on here at Bonus Code Poker, Sky Poker also runs some regular features that are lesser known but also greatly rewarding. Today we’ll look at several of those, namely: Free Play, Action Tables, Late Registration, Timed Tournaments and Sky Poker on Sky Sports.

Sky Poker Free Play Poker allows players to win real money awards for no cost. For every 20 free play poker hands you play in a month, you earn a £1.10 tournament token that you can use to enter a real money online tournament at Sky Poker. For every 50 free play poker hands you play in a month, you earn a £2.20 tournament token. With Sky Poker’s Free Play Poker option, there is no deposit necessary to play, or even to make use of the tournament tokens that you win. This means you can potentially win real money without ever making a real money deposit into your Sky Poker account.

Certain special terms and conditions apply with this offer, however, such as that you are only eligible to redeem this offer if you don’t play any real money online poker at Sky Poker’s regular cash tables, MTTs or Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments. And play in Sky Poker MTT freerolls and SNG freerolls do not count toward earning tournament tokens with this offer. For all the rest of the Terms and Conditions for this Free Play for real money offer, visit the promotion’s page on the Sky Poker site.

Sky Poker’s Action Tables gives the site’s cash game players even more incentive to play, with small and big blinds equal. That gives all players at the table a bigger stake in the game and tends to make for richer action. It also allows for some interesting blind on blind battles with the players on both blinds now able to check.

Now available at all Sky Poker tournaments is Late Registration, allowing players to register late for the tournament as long as they haven’t already registered once for the same tournament before. Late registration terms vary from tournament to tournament but you can find out how long late registration remains open through the info portion of the Sky Poker tournament lobby listing for that tournament. If the tables are already full, then late registration will not be permitted. If you late register during a break, you will be seated after the break ends and tournament play returns.

Timed Tournaments are ust like normal multi-table tournaments except that they end at a fixed time, at which point the pot is disbursed based on the players’ chip counts at that point in time; whatever percent of the total chips at the table a player holds, that is the percent of the prize pool that player receives. Timed Tournaments take place in 15 minute, 30 minute, and 1 hour durations. Be aware that play in Sky Poker’s Timed Tournaments are not counted toward a player’s League Points earnings.

Sky Poker on Sky Sports is a chance to see your hands played live on Sky Sports and Sky Poker TV. Selected Thursday nights, Sky Poker will broadcast the action at one of its tournaments on Sky Sports and Sky Poker TV. On available Thursday nights, the action starts at 8:00 pm with a special Sky Sports Bounty Hunter tournaments with a £12K GTD prize pool. The direct buy-in for these events is £33, but there are satellite tournaments running ongoingly at Sky Poker awarding seats in the event for as little as £1.60.