Win a share of £100K guaranteed at Sky Sports in the free-to-enter Super 6 Soccer Saturday event. Every Saturday Sky Sports selects 6 of the matches playing that day as the Super 6. Participants must then place their guesses as to who will win each of these matches. If any player gets all 6 right, then that player hits the £100K jackpot. If no player gets all 6 outcomes right in a given weekend then the player with most correct predictions wins £5K.

To play you must either be an existing or new Sky Bet member or you must sign up for Soccer Saturday Super 6 by clicking the Join In button on the Super 6 page of the Sky Sports site. In either case, eligibility for the Super 6 Soccer Saturday event also makes you eligible for the Sky Sports Fantasy Football promotion detailed here in a previous post.

All international, SPL, and other domestic League matches are eligible to be chosen for any given Saturday’s Super 6. Predictions include team to win and score. If you get the team to win correct, you get 2 points. If you get the score correct too, you’ll get 5 points. Players can get anywhere from 2 to 5 points based on how close their score prediction is as well.

In case of tie-breakers the Golden Goal system will be used, in which players guess the time of the first goal of any Super 6 fixture match for that Saturday. This prediction only comes into play in the event that a tie-breaker is needed. In terms of the £100K weekly jackpot, if more than one player gets all 6 predictions including the scores correct and the Golden Goal method is used to break the tie, except a tie still remains, then those players will split the jackpot evenly.

There’s also a Get 5 Rollover Bonus that will be awarded if the winner of any given week’s Super 6 Soccer Saturday correctly predicts the scores of 5 games. This is a progressive Sky bonus that resets at £1,000 and to which £500 is added each week it remains to be paid out. This prize, when it is hit, is awarded in addition to the £5,000 prize for being that week’s winner.

Additional prizes will be awarded throughout the season through special rounds to be announced in the weekly newsletters. One such contest is the Millionth Player prize, open to any player who makes a prediction in the current round of play, ending in October. The millionth player to make a prediction in that time period wins an Ultimate Football Weekend over Thanksgiving to view live the Fantasy Football Club, Soccer AM & Gillette Soccer Saturday, with 2 VIP tickets to the match plus expenses for travel and accommodations.

Players can view the results of the latest Super 6 Soccer Saturday event at the Sky Sports website, including — for logged in participants — Your Prediction and Points Won charted right there beside the Match and Result. And in preparing for their predictions for the coming week, players can also view the Pundit Predictions for the next upcoming Super 6 fixtures, with direct links to each competing team’s profile on the Sky Sports website.

Sky Sports also tracks several Super 6 Player Leagues including a Global Top 20 and a Pundits League, charting and ranking their performance throughout the entire season. Players can choose to follow leagues in order to keep better track of their performance.

Another reason to track player performance in the Soccer Saturday Super 6 promotion throughout the season is that at the end of the season, the player with the most points overall (top of the Global top 20 leaderboard) will win a weekend trip to New York, New York with tickets to see the New York Red Bulls compete in an MLS match.