Surfer Guy SettlesNEW YORK — One of the last open chapters in Full Tilt Poker’s legal saga closed today as the Surfer Dude avatar reached a settlement with the U.S. Government.

The terms of the settlement require Surfer Dude to surrender:

  • One (1) White Surfboard With Red Stripe
  • One (1) Blue Necklace
  • $5.2mm (amount of distributions received from Full Tilt Poker)

This comes just days after former Full Tilt head Chris Ferguson struck a similar deal with American authorities.

In addition to Surfer Dude, Fake Mike Tyson and the Large-Eyed Dog signed separate settlement agreements today.

Via a statement, Surfer Dude described the range of emotions he’s experienced since Black Friday:

“At first things were normal. Then I felt angry, and then confused. Now I’m happy.”

Weird clown

The Weird Clown and the ATM are now the only Full Tilt Poker avatars yet to reach a deal over charges stemming from online poker’s “Black Friday.”

The whereabouts of the Weird Clown are unknown.

A Twitter account claiming to be the ATM avatar – @BlackFriday_ATM – recently began sharing Black Friday-related documents.

Below: A partial scan of the cover page from the settlement order for US vs Surfer Dude Avatar.

Settlement Docs