Venetian poker room controvery

For those unaware of the Venetian “Total Prize Pool” controversy, the Las Vegas poker room recently announced they would be running a $150K Guaranteed event quite unlike similar events – the prize pool will be $150K even if they collect well over $150K in entry fees.

We at BonusCodePoker decided to launch an investigation into the matter. We discovered that a new Venetian employee – a former director of a reverse mortgages company – was behind the decision to run this controversial event.

BCP was able to catch up with the man behind the decision:

“Well in my last job we realized we could give customers the exact opposite of a pleasant experience, but by creative branding, we could convince them it’s fine.”

“We simply choose to focus on the $150k minimum rather than the $150k maximum, and we think that part is pretty appealing for customers.”

Poker players revolt by acting like poker players

In response to the news, poker players have doubled down on their outrage with some drastic measures of their own, and some are even viewing it as a challenge.

“Well, normally we just show up and play in tournaments. But this time the trick is to show up and play but simultaneously convince others not to do the same thing.”

While at the event, a local pro explained further “a few of us are choosing not to bathe — which many of us don’t do anyway — and to smoke heavily (ditto) ahead of the starting days. We’ll hang out by the registration area and… act as a deterrent to anyone who approaches.”

We spoke to one player who seemed bewildered to what his fellow poker players were protesting when we asked him how he would be handling his role in the efforts. “I’ll be boycotting PokerStars, at least after the WCOOP is over.”

The group of poker players is also rumored to be in talks with the guy who threw a shoe and mooned a poker table during last summer’s WSOP. Unfortunately, the man’s participation is in doubt as he is currently being held on terrorism charges.

Despite the possible setback and some confused participants, players have vowed to be undeterred in the prospect of EV. “It’s very important that all of the pros who will suffer through the smell don’t promote the event on Twitter or Facebook so fewer people show up.”

“Wait a minute… are you guys media?”

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