Big news this week: The yet-again-amended DoJ complaint against Howard Lederer, which seeks to seize everything  Lederer acquired with FTP monies.

Everyone else is writing about the cars, houses and other big-ticket items the DoJ is targeting. However, based on our talks with high-level sources*, we can reveal even more, unexpected, possessions that Lederer may have to give up.

Castle Grayskull-Themed Full Tilt Hideaway

Word has it that Lederer and Bitar passed many a day here; those in the know claim that Bitar preferred to dress as Skeletor (no surprise) while Lederer generally chose Mer-Man (weird).

FTP Grayskull

Bonus Fact:  Sources assert that David Benyamine often worked off his FTP debts by donning a Battle Cat costume and letting Bitar ride him around the property.

Frame-By-Frame Reshoot of Rounders

… with Lederer taking Matt Damon’s role, of course.  We get why he replaced Edward Norton with a bald Daniel Negreanu (a digital process that reportedly cost nearly a mirrion dollars), but casting his sister in Gretchen Mol’s role?  Hrrmm.


A Copy of This Book

Mint condition, still in factory shrink wrap.

*Did we say “high level sources?” Meant to type “hastily constructed sock puppet.” Whoops.