WSOPLAS VEGAS, NV — Now that the wait is over and the champion of the 2012 World Series of Poker has been crowned, poker fans around the world are already straining to remember the name of that champion.

“We’d like to formally congratulate … darn it, what was his name again?” asked flustered Caesar’s executive Brian Fallonway at a press conference following the end of the Main Event.

“I know he was a young kid.” Fallonway continued, visibly struggling to recall the name. “Short hair. Kind of normal-looking, I guess. Well, weird, but in a normal way. Shoot.”

Fallonway wasn’t the only one having trouble recalling the name of the new champ, who will be enshrined forever alongside the other immortals who have won the WSOP.  You know, like Doyle and Phil Hellmuth and Johnny Chan and, uh … that Australian guy. And Ungar, right.

“Was it the guy with the 888 patch?” asked iGaming consultant Gerry Finderman. “You know, the one who looked kinda like Justin Bieber?”

Our insta-poll of poker fans following the conclusion of the final table revealed the following answers about who had won the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event:

    • Giants – 44%
    • Phil Ivey – 22%
    • Something that starts with an L, or an M – 15%
    • Antonion Esfandiari – 12%
    • The guy with the funny sunglasses – 5%

Even the other players at the final table seemed at a loss when asked to name the winner of the tournament.

“I know it wasn’t me,” said final table member Steve Gee. “I think his name was John something. Definitely a name like that. He played a hell of a game, that’s for sure.”

Thankfully for those in the community, there’s a full 12 months ahead to recall the name of this year’s WSOP champion before a new rising star wins the title and is the new name to be immediately forgotten.